Wednesday, 6 February 2013




Today I finished my equipment booking sheet including risk assessment for filming in both the Manchester Metropolitan University and Mr. Amang’s house in Hazel Grove, Stockport.
Also I had to check with the technician to find out about lighting, due to the big size of the Redhead Lights which its comes with the big box and it’s a hard to handle it with out car so I checked it with the technician if there is any small size of light to collect but after checking with the technician unfortunately there isn’t any small size then Redhead lights so I have to sort this problem and I contact Nyasha, and explained about the problem of handling the lights and Nyasha will help me to collect the equipment by bringing his car, so I booked equipment’s for Friday 8/02/13, and I will start filming my project from Saturday 9/02/13 in Stockport and also I will film interview with Mr. Amang about his studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester Metropolitan university’s gallery from Monday 11/02/13.
However, today I tried to gain more knowledge about how to set up the lighting. So firstly I set up the lighting with gel and then I set up the camera and done white balance for it and I think I know what kind of format and setting I will use for my documentary, so I practiced on camera and lighting today, Rebecca were helping me to set up and also she acted as my guest and she sat on the chair while I was fixing the lights and camera.

As a part of my research I will contact Mr. Amang and will talk about the both location which I will film my project.

Also I will be meeting the Manchester Metropolitan University gallery to check the location of filming and also to get permission of filming, to get singed the filming consent form from some of the staff of management of the Manchester Metropolitan University gallery.

Also I need to make my Gantt chart ready for next week.

After finished college straight away I phoned Mr. Amang and I spoke to him about the project filming in Saturday, however, we both agreed to continue and start filming.
Also in my way home I visited the Manchester Metropolitan University for location check and also to get permission for film my interview with Mr. Amang in the University’s gallery. In addition I past the location release form for signature and I am waiting to get the result back from the University. 

The below picture is for prove that after I finished college straight away I contacted Mr. Amang. 

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