Friday, 23 December 2011


I went to BBC in Thursday for second day of rehearsal for BBC sport personality of the year award 2011. Again for second day of rehearsal all students acted a celebrity"s character who been chosen for BBC sport personality of the year award 201. During rehearsal this time we didn't had that hard time same as first day because we all know it what we will be doing. This time I had better time and done my roles good and overall   had great time and enjoyed it all. Also today I met more famous people and had to work with some of them such as Gary Lineker the former England  football player and match of the day presenter who present the BBC sport personality, Susan (Sue) Barker the former professional tennis player and TV presenter, Jake Humphrey the youngest ever presenter who present the BBC sport. For second day of rehearsal we had to work with Gary Lineker , Sue Barker, Jake Humphrey and we done our jobs very well and we had really good time with lot of fun. Overall for second day of rehearsal I gained lot of experience during the rehearsal especially working with 3 successful presenter. After we finished the rehearsal I went for red carpet and I met lot of other famous people include the 10 candidate for BBC sport personality of the year award 2011. Then I had VIP for party after the show and there as well I met lot of other Famous faces who are shining in UK"s sport. Also I took quite lot of photo"s that I would like to share here the photo"s I took with all celebrity"s.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Today I went to BBC for the first day of rehearsal for BBC sport personality of the year award 2011.
During the rehearsal today each student acted on the celebrity"s character who been chosen for BBC sport personality of the year award 2011. During the rehearsal today we had really hard time also been really tired & had really long working hours for first day of the rehearsal but overall I had great time and enjoyed it also it was lot of fun. Also today I met few famous people such as (Susan (Sue) Barker) a former professional tennis player and television presenter on BBC. Also she will be presenter of the BBC sport personality of the year award 2011 on 22/12/11. Overall during the rehearsal day I gained a lot of experience and I am willing to use this experience I gained today in future during my course in college. The experience I gained today was how to present the act to the stage also how to deal with each individual role will be need for film, news, live show. Also I took few photo that I would like to share here the photo I took is with the Olympic torch that is will be go around country.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


On Tuesdays lesson tutor (Colin) showed us how to use VT on tricastor when its on live show and how to mix the Recorded VT with live show.Then how to go to VT from live studio then back to live show on studio. I found it very useful and also it will help us when we are doing the basic studio operation live for (Ricardo's) Assignment. I took few different roles such as.

  • Camera 
  • Floor manager 
  • Vision mixer 
I took vision mixer position twice as I wanted to work on this role to get more experience on how to mix VT when its on live show. This is because on the basic studio operation live show for Ricardo's assignment my role is vision mixing.Overall, I had a good time and also I gained alot of experience on how to mix VT with the live show.
We had problems quite a few times during the live show with the sound and it took a long time till the control room and director could fix the problem.

Monday, 12 December 2011



For our news package that consists my self, Kassem, Luke, Imogen. We all decided for our news package to do drinking and smoking. After researching about alcohol and smoking we found that there is not lot of student who drink and smoke at the same time so we all agreed to focus on the alcohol and envelopment of student and health.
We will consider whether if its bad or optimistic package on students drinking alcohol. How many unit they drink per week? Do they know the risk and effects? How much money do they spend on the alcohol every week? Also how many people die in every year of binge drinking? 
We will interview students from Manchester college and also maybe peoples on the street but make sure  they are students.
Also we will take some GVs shot from students when they are buy or drink alcohol and use it as general view if its possible.
this will involve lot of direction that we will face when filming, editing etc.
When filming there is some limitation on such as. We not allowed to film without permission if we want to film corner shops or pubs first we need to ask for permission then start filming. Also we not allowed to film any product that show the labels of alcohol name or pub or clubs name.
As a group we agreed that we will speak about students health and risk may effect them when they drink alcohol so we will film hospital and interview a member of staff if its possible and we will ask for permission to film and interview hospital staff to find out more information about students who been effected by alcohol each week and how much it cost NHS for binge drinking each week. 
Also we will use a graphic for our news package to make the news more interesting for viewer.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Deadline written draft assignment.
In today's lesson the tutor explained that today is deadline for written draft assignment. Also tutor asked each of the group to be joint together and work on assignment. As a group we had to work on all below"s subjects.
*Program proposal
*Production style
Also today we are as group of
Today Luke missed attending class so we had to work with out him.
We start working as group and we finished all above subjects.
The most of paper work has been done by Kassem and he finished most of them.
Also Imegon done quite lot of work today.
We all agreed about the time of filming also we picked the crew team for the day of Rehearsal & Production.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Today the tutor were talking about assignment and explained again how we will do the all Ricardo"s assignment.
Also today we are as a group of.
We were talking about assignment and kassem finished the running order for Ricardo"s assignment.
Also we had to phone back to the hospital about filming the staff so we need permission from them and Imogen phoned them and got email address that we have to email them. Imogen emailed them and we will wait for they replay back to see if they give us permission for filming .
Also I was doing some paper work for Peter"s assignment.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

ustream video

The limitations that i found in this video which i think can be amended for the next filming are
The movement of the camera angle should stay in the same position until the director tells the camera operator to move.So for the film that i observed i found that the left camera which was on live, the camera operator  made a sudden zoom out motion without the director’s permission.Another problem i noticed was that the middle camera operator had no head room which caused the camera operator to loose his control of the camera. This also can be due to the camera man zooming out/in really fast when zooming out that made him to loose the control of camera.
 For next time if I became as a camera operator I will make sure to check every step I take and focus on the zooming out/in. I will Make sure there is enough head room and I will be control of the cameras movements.
From my perspective, the director didn't have good communication with the camera operators. This effected every shot we took, especially when the director ordered the camera operators for shot. The director must ensure to tell the camera operators which shots is on air. From the video clip (see above) i noticed that the director had very poor communication with the camera operators.
For next time the director should have a very good communication with all the crew team especially camera operators to make everything accurate for the next filming and ensure we get the good shots we need.
 If I became as a director i will make sure I have good communication with all crew team especially camera operator & vision mixer to be sure what i want is in order and not face any mistakes, especially mixing the shots and asking for what shot I want I need to be careful which camera is live and which one I will ask for next shot.
Vision mixer
As I see on this video the vision mixer wasn't that fast changing the shots. The vision mixer should be really careful and keep focus on the shots taken. Some times director are really busy and he forgot to order for the changes. So therefore it is the vision mixers responsibility to change the shots. As I noticed on this video there was quite a few mistakes in changing the shots.
If I was given the vision mixer role in the future, I will make sure I am very careful on the shots taken and as soon as I notice a mistake I will try to prevent it from happening as soon aspossible. Moreover I will try to improve on my listening skills to ensure i pay attention to the director.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Today we was given a lesson about how to export a video clip from tricaster to Lace. Today I learnt to make sure the (Lace) is connected to exporting the video clip from tricaster and then choose the video clip and render it.

Also we was given a lesson how to use stream in online net.
 I learned how to open fire fox followed by ustream Manchester college.
Then we made sure that we are logged in by  Colin"s details, however if we could not access the Ustream we must ask for Colin's permission to access the Ustream.
Make sure that stream is turned on to live then click Go live.
Then wait till we get the (FME knowing as Flash media en-corder) When you see the FME then click on the start broadcast & record broadcast.When you done all then click stop recording & stop broadcast.
As soon as you stop recording & stop broadcasting it will show you that you can save and click on the save then chose your title + tag .

I found the Ustream lesson very useful so therefore I know how to use ustream and to export footage from tircastor to Lace. Firstly I had little problem about exporting the footage as I was taking note from Colin's lesson.  I did however missed some parts on how to use it.  I asked Colin again and he was really helpful and he told me everything from beginning and i found it very easy and useful.

Also today we was given our roles for 06/12/11  rehearsal day in Lever street campus the college of music that we will film band on that day and my roles for the rehearsal  day are,

  • Director
  • Camera operator
  • Floor manager
Firstly in the morning I will be a director and this will be my first time directing.
Then for my Second role I will be a camera operator which I am confident and familiar with that role this is because I have experience in using the camera and I don't have any problem with this role.
Then my third role is floor manager as this is my first time as a floor manager.

Also we was told by our tutor to watch back 2 different video clips that we filmed a band last few weeks and write some notes about.
  • Camera
  • Directing
  • Vision mixer

Monday, 28 November 2011


Today we just looked back at final cut pro and tutor showed us how to make everything right if there is any problem on the editing  time such as,
If there is something wrong on the editing then I have to go to window then click on arrange then go to standard and click on it to make it right.
Size of picture as frame size is 720 x 576 is UK TV size.
Anamorphic 16.9 is for wide screen
Audio/sound rate normally 48 KHz
Compressor:  is the shot is on DV  then DV pal is the compessod formate we have to work in.
Also I found out how to record the voice if I want to record in the computer that I will go to tools then go to voice over and start record.
Then afternoon time I phoned hospital for permission for filming if its possible and I spoke to the security over the phone and I was given the email address. As a group we will email her and explain what we will do and  what we want to do. So kassem will email the security in the hospital and we will wait for the answer.
Also I done quite few storyboard today for my idea in Peters assignment.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

studio diary

Today the tutor show us how to use (Teleprompter) in American (Auto Cue) in English.
Then we had to film. There were some guest came over from other colleges. We had 2 different group of student came over.
We start filming them and we asked them question about Student Finance, Drinking alcohol as alcohol awareness campaign is our group subject we doin.
We had to do it as a group and in my group it was only my self and Kassem over so i became vision mixer and Kassem became a director. We filmed our subject twice with both groups and we asked them question about drinking alcohol.
Also after lunch break we had meeting with tutor about group tutorial.
We did talk about how to make everything ready for live show and interviewing the guest.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

live multi camera OB filming band week 3

Today we were doing live show filming the band for 3rd week.
Firstly in the morning we were given our roles by tutor same as past 2 weeks.
Then we all as a group start setting up the equipment"s we need such as.

  • Tripod
  • Camera 
  • Talk back
  • Cables/Wires
  • Microphone
Today when we came in the morning so there were some equipment"s already set up.these were:
  • Tircaster
  • Vision mixer 
  • Sound mixer
  • Monitors
Then we connected all cables/wires  to the camera, tricaster. Vision mixer. Sound mixer, Monitors. We start setting up at 9.30 am and it took only half hour to set up.
This week didn't take long time to set up the equipment"s because there were some equipment"s already set up.
During setting up the equipments today I didn't face any problem same as last week. As I had problem with talk back.
We start filming the first take in the morning and the main team were in charge of first take were:

  • Director               Rebecca 
  • Vision mixer       Andy
  • Sound mixer       Abid
  • Floor manager     Nyasha 
  • Cam 1              Mikael
  • Cam 2              Danny
  • Cam 3             Kassem
Then we went for a break. After break we been given new roles. The main team on the take 2were:
  • Director              Andy
  • Vision mixer     Mikael
  • Sound mixer    Danny
  • Floor manager   Rebecca
  • Cam 1               Nyasha
  • Cam 2               Fred
  • Cam 3             Matt
Then we went for lunch break and after break we been given new roles again and the main team on the afternoon first take were:
  • Director              Luis
  • Vision mixer      Mikael
  • Sound mixer       matt
  • Floor manager    Fred 
  • Cam 1               Nabeel
  • Cam 2               Josh
  • Cam 3               Ashely 
Then again we been given new roles for take 2 on the afternoon. the main team on the afternoon 2nd shot were:
  • Director               Nyasha
  • Vision mixer       Luis
  • Sound mixer       Danny
  • Floor manager     Fred
  • Cam 1                Abid
  • Cam 2                Mikael 
  • Cam 3              Ashley
The problem we had during filming in the morning we didn't have good communication skills as a group same as last 2 weeks and also this week few student didn't attend the class and for few times we had to take same roles because of shortage student.
For next time we have to make sure that all students are attendant. Also make sure we have good communication skills to work together without any problem.
There is some photo from today I would like to share it here with the video we filmed today.

Monday, 21 November 2011

start filming second week

Today we  start filming for second week for our news package project. We collected the camera and we went to the pub near the college to take some shot for our GVs. Firstly we asked the pub owner for permission of filming but the pub owner didn't give us permission to film the pub. We decided to go to the corner shop of Barlow more road and shot some GVs there if we get permission of filming. We went to the corner shop on Barlow more road and we ask the shop keeper for permission of shooting some GVs and the shop keeper gave us permission to film.
We started filming some shots and i was in charge of camera and i took some shots.

  • Pan shot 
  • Tilt shot 
  • still shot
IN the time of recording I used hand held camera.
We were as a group of.
* Luke
Imogen was in on the morning time but we did not start filming in the morning so afternoon time Imogen wasn't in. We had to film without her today.

Our plan for next week is to start filming Fred when he goes to the off license shop to buy alcohol and also when he drink alcohol.

broadcast commons

BBC News 24 interview with First news editor Nicky Cox

2 presenter interviewing news editor Nicky cox and kathy Evans the children's society.
BBC graphic logo shows always as  on BBC news 24 on white colour.
Time graphic logo on white colour.
Headline graphic text rolling always on white colour.
Projection screen on the background.
Lot of red colour on the screen as its BBC"s main colour
the subject they talking is about pressure on the children in todays society. 
This is a live studio show interview.
The position are face to face. 
Use of shots on this interview is mixed shots. Mid shot to close up,  Long shot to close up, Outside studio as a recored VT, Side shot, Overhead shot.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Live multi camera OB filming band week 2

Today we was doing live show filming band for 2nd week
Firstly in the morning we were given our roles by tutor.
We all started to set up all the equipment"s such as. Tripod, Camera, Microphone, Sound mixer, Vision mixer, Tricaster, Monitors, Talk back. Then we connected all the wires and cables to the cameras, tricaster, sound mixer,monitors. We start setting up the equipment"s at 9.30am till 11.15am and this week it took longer till we set up our equipment"s. During setting up equipments we had quite few problems.
* I had problem with my talk back and I could hear the director but I couldn't talk to him so I had to communicate with the floor manager and through floor manager.
* We had problem with lighting again as there was a new lighting already set up however we couldn't get the colour we wanted and it was a bit hard to set up the white balance till Mr. Colin and Peter sorted the problem out.
We start filming and we filmed 3 shot for the morning session.
The main team and assistants name in the morning session were:
* Director      Jack    director assistant        Danny.
For first 2 shot Jack was director then Danny became director.
* Vision mixer        Nyasha    vision mixer assistant     Rebecca .
For first 2 shot Nyasha was vision mixer then Rebecca became vision mixer.
*Sound           Nabeel   sound assistant         Imogen.
First 2 shot Nabeel was sound mixer then Imogen became sound mixer.
*Floor manager           Kassem   Floor manager assistant     Matt.
First 2 shot Kassem was floor manager the Matt became floor manager.
*Camera 1     Mikeal  i was in charge for camera and i took camera role for all 3 shot on the morning session and i didnt had any assistant around me and i managed to work on camera 1 alone.
*Camera 2     Ashley  camera assistant Abid.
First 2 shot     Ashley was camera operator then Abid became camera operator
*Camera 3     Josh was in charger in camera 3 and i didnt see any assistant around him and he was in charge for all morning session.
Knowing risk in the morning session are.
The floor managers talk back wires were all over on the floor and there was risk of falling.
There was another risk I saw when Ashley were moving his position with the tripod on the dolly there were lot of wires around and the wires was stopping him to move properly and it could be risk of falling.
What we  need to do next time when filming to prevent the problems.
We should check everything and make sure everything is set up correctly and do risk assessment before filming. In addition to make sure that all wires and cables are covered when cameras are moving.
There are some photos from the morning session that I would like to share here.

There is also the video we filmed on the morning session in below .

In the afternoon session  after break all of morning team given different roles.
I was in charge of sound mixer.
I had sound problem in the beginning of the filming were the sound wasn't  clear enough. With help of  Peter we sort the problem then we start filming without any problem.
I saw on the big monitor inside control room the camera2  middle camera were loosing the image because of broken pin from last week.
So again tutor had to deal with it and sort it out. After tutor sort the cameras problem we start filming again.
We filmed 3 shot in the afternoon session as well.

The main team and assistant name in the afternoon session were:
*Director-    Joe  director assistant        Abid.
First 2 shot Joe was director then Abid became director.
*Vision mixer-    Imogen      vision mixer assistant    Nabeel.
First 2 shot Imogen was vision mixer then Nabeel became vision mixer.
*Sound mixer-     Mikeal    sound mixer assistant   Kassem.
First 2 shot Mikeal was sound mixer then Kassem became found mixer.
*Floor manager-   Josh    floor manager assistant   Nyasha.
First 2 shot Josh was floor manager then  Nyasha became floor manager.
*Camera 1-   Dan  camera1 assistant Andy.
For all 3 shot i saw Dan on the camera1.
*Camera2-   Nyasha  camera2 assistant Danny.
First 2 shot Nyasha was cmaera operator then Danny became camera operator.
*Camera3-   Andy  i didn't see any assistant around camera3.
As i saw for all 3 shot Andy was camera operator.

Also there is some photos from afternoon session I would like to share here

Monday, 14 November 2011

start filming

Today we  start filming for our news package.
Our group.
Today finally we all agreed about what kind of question we will ask students who we will interview.
We take all equipment we need such as Tripod, Camera, Tape, Headphone, Microphone. We set-up our equipments and we checked sound, White balance.We start filming and interviewed few student from Manchester college.
I was in charge of camera and I start recording the interview and I used few different angles.
I used tripod and hand shot as well for the mid shot of the interviewee I used tripod.
For the over shoulder I used hand held and took mid shot.

There were quite few problem we had during the filming. We had problem with student moving across and as a camera operator and sound holder I had problem with the noise going on during the interview. Student were opening the door and walking across and door was given quite nasty noise as they didn't let door to go close slowly and door were banging. We had to stop recording quite few times because of that problem.
For next time when we film again we should have some one behind camera to ask people to wait or take different direction if its possible and let them know that we filming.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

studio diary

today we been given a new assignment  by Ricardo.
and Ricardo been explained to us about this assignment and what role are in and what we will be doing for this assignment as a individual  and also as a group.

studio role

on Wednesday  we had to get know about studio role and we been  separated as a group of 2 persons and I became as a group with Luke.
and we did choose the subject.
Camera Operator

and then we made a new Prezi  and then we been researched about what roles the camera operator have in studio and finally we got the role of the camera operator in studio its on below 

  • Work Location
  • Studio
  • Outside broadcast 
  • On Location 
Generally, director or research tend to give the location to the camera operator to record footage.

                                        Typical Work Activities

  • Assembling, Preparing and setting up equipment prior to filming, which may include tripod,monitoring, lighting,

cables and leads,and headphones

  • A camera operator usually work under the direction of a director. a camera operator can also work for a director of photography and may be supported by a camera assistant. the role involves a mix of technical and creative skills.
  • Studying scripts and taking cues from director or floor manager.
  • Being prepared to innovate and experiment with ideas.
  • Practicing the camera moves required for pre-arranged  shots :
  • Working closely with other technical department such as lighting, sound.
  • Driving crew,actors and equipment to and from location.
  • Camera operator is responsible for the first and second camera assistant and also for camera training.
  • Offering advice on how to best to shoot a scene, explaining the impact created by particular shots.
  • Finding solution to technical or other practical  problems (for on outside broadcast, for example, the natural light condition need to be taken into account when setting up shots.
  • Planning shots - when filming an expensive drama scene, such as an explosion, there may be only one chance to get things right so shots need to be meticulously planned beforehand.
  • Working quickly, specially as timing is such an important.
  • Taking instruction from the director or the director of the photography. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Live multi camera OB filming band

Today we were doing a live show project.
Firstly in the morning we set up all equipments that we had to use such as

  • Cameras
  • Tripod
  • Lighting 
  • Sound mixer
  • Vision mixer
  • Tricaster
  • Stand Mic
  • Talk back
  • Cables
  • Monitors
We started to set up all equipments as a group and we all started working together and set up everything as  quick as we could and we had good communication skills with each other and we finished setting up everything in 1 hour 15 minute.
But after setting up everything we had some problem with talk backs that it wasn't working properly after help of the tutor we sorted out the problems.
After break time we were ready to record the band singing. We start recording and I had difficulty with vision mixer when director asked me to cut I was dissolving all the time and I didn't realise that till end of the recording and Mr Colin told me that I was dissolving and I should not dissolve till director ask for it.
Also I had  problem with the fade to black In the end of recording on the first time filming.
But the second time after I been given advice by Mr Colin about how to cut and how to fade to black on the end I have improved and I have done my job better then first time which I was pleased with. 
Then we went for break and after break we changed our positions with other students.
I was a camera assistant in the afternoon and I helped the camera operator with the recording. As a group we all did a good job and all of us were pleased about what we done and I can confirm that we had very good communication skills with each other.
Detail of other students with different roles were
1-Mikeal     vision mixer
2-Josh         director
3-Dan          floor manager
4-Imogen      camera
5-Erin           camera
6-Jack          camera
7-Andrew    sound mixer
8-Nabeel      gallery manager
And the rest of student were helping others as a assistant.
The second time recording afternoon main team.
1-Ashley         director 
2-Kassem       vision mixer
3-Abid            floor manager
4-Fred            sound mixer
5-Dan             camera
6-Joe              camera 
7-Luis             camera 
The rest of the other students were helping and assisting.
We had quite few problems before we start recording.
We had problem with the talk back as I mentioned above as well and also we had problem with setting white the balance and also in the afternoon recording we had problem with the middle camera as I herd from tutor that the picture pin was broken inside camera as we moved the camera with all cables on.
What we should do for our next project is to be careful and to check everything before we go to filming time. 
Moreover we have to make sure we remove the wires from cameras. Then start moving the camera where we want to put it.
Also I would like to share some photos here from today.

I also would like to share some photos here from today