Tuesday, 27 March 2012


In today trip to BBC tour I really had good time and it was really good experience to find out more about
broadcasting, also to see how the studio are set and what kind of lighting and camera's the BBC use.
Also it was really good knowledge to find out when the TV was bailed and when it was started.
Firstly in the morning we was given advice about all the building and then we went to see the studio's and first studio we went to see was the (Blue Peter) house it was really nice to see them kind of studio that sometime make you think the studio is massive and huge but when you go inside and see it its not that big as we thought about it, The Blue Peter studio is one of them that made me to think it is a huge studio but it wasn't. Here is some photo's of the Blue Peter's studio:

                                           The Couch for Presenter and Guest

                                        The camera they use in the Blue Peter's studio
                       The below picture's is the Lighting they use in the Blue Peter's Studio

Moreover after we saw the (Blue Peter) studio we took our direction to the Match of the day studio, match of the day studio was one of my always best studio and always wished to see and go inside the studio, today my wish came true and finally I saw the studio and I loved it, but I never thought that the studio will be like that, I always thought the studio is designed the way I see it in the Television, but after today I went inside and saw it I found it totally different, the studio is being designed very beautifully and in my view its the best studio I ever see before specially the wood behind the presenter as I always thought it should be a really big massive TV screen, the background where the presenter and the guest usually sit I always thought it is some designed curtain but today I found out that its not curtain they use. Here is some photo's of the match of the day studio:

                                         Here is the wood I was talking about above
                           Also here one more that they use in the BBC match of the day studio
 I found this type of covering for the XLR wire's very very clever and best way to prevent the risk of tripping,

After we saw the match of the day's studio we went to the BBC radio 6 music studio, I always wanted to see the radio studio in real specially when its live on air and presenter with guest there but today we just saw the studio and all the equipment need to be used for the radio. Also I have some photo's of the radio 6 music studio I like to share here:

Moreover after radio 6 music studio we went and saw the Blue Peter's garden outside of the Dock house.
Here is some photo's below:

Moreover after all above studio's we went to the studio and it was the new studio for (breakfast) I found it quite interesting in the breakfast studio after Ashley & Andy & Rebecca took part of the presenting and I think it went really well. However after the presenting finished Josh & Imogen & My slef we took part of challenging sport question's and I found it very interesting and lot of fun.
Overall I am really happy that I took part of the trip to BBC and it was really good experience to be involved, I'm looking forward for more this type of trip's that will make my knowledge more about broadcasting & TV.
Also I have some nice photo's from the breakfast studio that I would like to share here:

Also today I met Peter Jones& Hilary Devey  form dragon's den and I took some photo's with Peter, here is the picture's in below:

Monday, 26 March 2012


In today's lesson I was editing my footage I filmed for SAM assignment's. All day I was editing the Footage I filmed in Kurdish new year party in Saturday's night. During the filming Danny Anisworth was helping me for filming the intro / outro and VOX pop's.
However I finished all editing and I recorded my Voice over as well and I added to the Edited footage, also I done lower third for all footage needed the lower third in my style but we as a group will come up with one style of lower third for all our VT's, but in case I made mine ready with the lower third till other member of the group to finish they VT's and then we will decide what kind of lower third we have to use for all VT's for the show.
Overall I think my editing skills is improved and I did good job and I made my own VT's, here I want to mention that Sam helped me for some part of choosing the VT's and cut some of them, to make the VT more interesting for audience to watch.

Friday, 16 March 2012


In 16/03/2012 for respect of the 24 anniversary of the Halabja we all the Kurdish from all around the United Kingdom gathered in the piccadilly garden in Manchester for remembrance day of the Halabja city, to show our respect to all the martyr which was killed in the day of 16/03/1988, the March 16 1988 knowing as a bloody Friday for Kurdish people around the world which is the day of the using chemical weapon against the people of Halabja by Iraqi regime which ba'ath party was on the power during the time. Form 80's the Iraqi government start the genocide of Kurdish people in all Kurdistan's area's the ba'ath party which Saddam Hussain was the leader of the party destroyed more then 4.500 villages in Kurdistan and arrested more then 182.000 innocent people and tortured them till they dead under torturing and also buried some of them alive as group group in single grave. In 1983 the Iraqi government start the arrest from the village of ' Barzan ' which they took 8000 men's with them and they never come back since the time. However, in the middle of 80's the regime start arresting innocent people from all over the Kurdistan and transfer them to the north and east Iraq, however the Iraqi government start removing the Kurdish people from their own land to the north and east Iraq. From 1987 more then 182.000 people were arrested and transferred to the different cities of Iraq and since that time we don't know what happened to them innocent people and still till now some of them people family's have a hope and waiting for coming back of their son's, husband, father, brother, grandson, cousin and relatives. furthermore, the Iraqi regime used chemical weapon over the innocent people in all Kurdish cities and killed thousand of peoples, animals, but on the time all the West countries & America was silent, they helped Iraqi government by given them a chemical weapon to use it against their own peoples. Moreover, in March 16 1988 the Iraqi government used the chemical weapon on their own peoples and killed 5000 innocent women, children & adult, also wounded more then 10.000 others, which still till now the people of Halabja suffering illness of the chemical weapon being used by ba'ath party during the time. Overall we as a Kurd's will never forget the Halabja and we will fight for our right and we will work really hard to recognize the Halabja as a Genocide to all of the people around the world, Halabja is the city that will never be forget and will be shown & advised to our grand grand grand grandchild about Halabja and what happened to the city of Halabja also the city of Halabja is known as a symbol of Kurdistan and Kurdish people for ever.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In today's lesson we was told to come up with our treatment idea and studio set design  for our live show for Drama Live Event.
Each individual student have to create they own idea about the program, that will consist of the students from Manchester College Lever Street Campus performing, the idea include structure, treatment, target audience, studio set design. However I start produced my own idea about the show and I have done quite lot of research through the Google and also the links that the tutor Peter emailed me. Moreover, all of our ideas that we produced today will be put into one idea, so we will start to do our paperwork for the live show after all ideas put into one idea. Also in the beginning of any show creating the idea and treatment will help us to generate better show and make audience more happy and interested, also we will get more information how to set studio design and what kind of graphics and equipment we will use.
Overall I am very excited about this project and I think this project will be lot of fun and lot of challenging,

Monday, 12 March 2012

Equipment list & Timing schedule

In below is Equipment list and timing schedule for my VTs will be film in 24/03/2012.

Equipment list

1x Sony V1 camera
1x Tripod
1x Tie Mic wired + XLR wire
1x Boom Mic = XLR wire
2x Big Sony battery
Charger for battery’s

I would like to book above equipment for the date 24/03/2012 for filming my VTs for Sam assignment News Room Operation.

Day of collecting equipment’s: Friday 23/03/2012 at 3pm
Return equipment back: Monday 26/03/2012 9.30am

Timing schedule

March 24th 2012
Call time at 5pm in Piccadilly garden.
Crew briefing at 5.15pm
Catching bus number 192 directions to Stockport.
6.30pm in the location
6.30pm start set up equipment
19.00 to 19.30pm filming dancing group
19.30 to 20.00pm filming VOX pop
20.00 to 20.30pm interview the main person
20.30 to 20.40 both peace to cameras
20.40pm de-rig 

Crew roles & proposed running order for content

In below table we can see all crew roles job and proposed running order for VTs content for News Room Operation for 30 minute, Sam Assignment.

Team Red

In order the VTs will be chosen for our 30-minute newsroom operation show.
Proposed running order of content.

1- Crime
2- Employment
4- Nature
5- Sport
6- Comedy
7- Technology
8- Weather
9- Music
Some of the above subjects will be chosen for our 30-minute news package for news room operation in the live show day.
The crew roles are in below table:
Danny Ainsworth

Floor manager
Nyasha Tsikai

Vision mixer
Jack Ware

Producer + presenter
Matty Jump

Fred Velody

Editor + auto clue
Ashley Artingstall

Erin Roche

Sound mixer
Andrew Tabner

Camera 1
Danny Jack

Camera 2
Luis Winder

Camera 3
Mikael Hasanzad


In today's lesson the tutor was talking about how to use final cut pro and what kind of format we can use for getting good quality for footage we film. Also the tutor was talking about the (HD, HDV, SD) also about media files, master files, master clips. Moreover the tutor was given lesson about different between the (HD, HDV, SD). However it was good experience to know what is different between the (HD, HDV, SD) as I gained knowledge HD is better then HDV and SD to use because HD is true aspect to use but HDV is the half way house, and SD is 625 line. Overall today we had group meeting about our 30 minute news project, we was talking about what kind of TVs will be chosen for the live show day, also today we shared the job roles for live show. Also today was the deadline of shooting schedule and each students had to give the date and time of filming they VTs, with making equipment list and risk assessment for the booking equipment.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


In today's lesson we was updating our blogger and tutor was checking each students blog. After updating the blog we was given a task to do individually and the task was to start generate idea for finished programme for music show. What the show will be like, what kind of VTs it will consist, what intro and outro will look like, does the show will have presenter. Also to produce the treatment for our idea for the programme.
However after I updated my blogger and the tutor has checked it, I went to the gallery room for the tricaster test which was organised for Mr. Colin's lesson. I was told to switch on the tricaster and start my task, moreover after switching the tricater on I was told to connect the camera to the tricaster, I had a problem with connecting camera to the tricaster due to the XLR wire and tricaster screen so I changed the camera as I thought it maybe cameras fault but after changing the camera and using the second camera still I could not get the picture I needed. However after changing the camera I changed the XLR wire as well and finally I got the picture i needed.
Moreover after camera being connected to the tricaster I was asked to do lower third I done it correctly, then I was told to add VT clip I done it correctly, then I was told to do dissolve from added VT to live camera I had problem there, because the program of the dissolve was changed and I did not had any idea how to change it and dissolve from added VT to live camera. After help of Mr Colin I found out that I have to go to transition and change the format to dissolve, I found it really useful and good expereince and for next time I will be fine with it if I will be ask again to do it. However I did have problem with big TV monitor in the beginning of the test, because I was told to connect the TV monitor to the tricaster to watch the footage, However it was on the video and I could not get the picture from the monitor, after i was told by Mr colin that the input of TV monitor should be on (S video) not Video. Overall, it was a good experience to gain and I found it very useful and I am looking forward to learn more about the tricaster.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The above video is task from last week which we edited as a group.


 In the past few lessons for the News Room Operation we was separated  to groups and we filmed some VTs in previous weeks. Also we was asked for each individual to do their own ideas for news room and have to film the VT of their which will be chosen. However, last week we started our presentation along with this week some students wasn't in the class last week so they did their presentation today.
 Moreover we was separated to two different groups today for our full 30 minutes news package that we have to do for our assignment. In my group we have 11 people including my self and their are:

1- Ashley
2-Andy T
3- Danny Jack
4- Danny A
5- Erin
6- Fred
7- Jack
8- Matty
9- Mikael
10- Nyasha
11- Luis

However from today we will work as a group of above names to create the 30 minute news show.
Moreover my idea is about a Kurdish organisation in Manchester Call (Kurdistan art & culture) that I will interview the chairman of this organisation along with people who work with this organisation as there is a few different groups work inside this organisation and they are : (dancing group, Theatre group, film maker, and artist).
 Moreover that is all my idea in this prezi below which shows all the detail of my idea including content and scripts for live show if my idea will be chosen for the live show.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


In today's lesson we was separated to group of 5 people and in my group it was my self, Nabeel, Abid,  Danny, Joe.
Also in today's lesson we was given the task of 30 second introduction to a music show from the footage we recorded from previous week.
Firstly, in the morning our tutor (Peter) copied all the files into a folder in each groups computer. Also he explained everything on how to import the footage from the new folder which has been made on to the desktop, We start importing all the clips we had inside the folder in the desktop by using log and transfer. After we imported the footage from the desktop to the final cut pro (FCU) and start editing we found out that we have a short footage as it was an miss understanding about what the tutor said and I did a mistake, I didn't follow all the step by step procedure the tutor ask for, so therefore we did not have enough footage for editing same as the other groups. However after asking tutor we found out that we had done a mistake and we did not follow how he explained about all the files had to be imported to the final cut pro, after all this again tutor (Peter) showed us how to log and transfer all footage from desktop to the timeline.
However, here I want to give myself criticism as I did not follow what the tutor ask me to do.So for next task I will have good ear of listening and make sure to have a good communication with my group to ensure  everything is in good order because of my mistake today we had to go through a lot.
However after we imported all the footage for the second time after the help of tutor (Peter) we start editing as a group, in between editing the computer power switched off and we lost all our work again. Moreover after computer switched on again we had to start from the beginning. We as a group started working and at the end of the day we finished our task that was given by tutor and we exported to the desktop, Overall I wasn't happy with my performance today and I should listen more to prevent any mistakes as I did face today. However the task was only the practice and it is a good experience to gain for the main projects  which will come in the future.