Wednesday, 1 May 2013



In today lesson I continued with editing my project (The success Of An Artist), however, I also did work on my new title sequence that was created by one of my friend call (Salar). Moreover, during editing I showed my edited part of project to Peter, then I been told to make changes on some part of the edited part, to make short some part and make long some others. In addition, after Peter’s advice I worked on the clips and made them the way Peter asked and finally it looked better then the way it was.

                                                           Charity Abseil

Furthermore, also today I was involving to go to Manchester College, Wythenshawe Campus, for testing the cameras and using the Shell Live which can be connected to the internet and then we will ustream it live through Manchester College ustream channel.
Also we did check the location for which we will film the charity abseil on it Friday 15th March. The show is for charity which there will be quite lot of people around to do abseil through the College roof to the ground and we will film and ustream it live for charity.

However, after checking the location especially the roof we did faced some problem about internet connection which we couldn’t get the internet connection to use the Shell Live for streaming it, then we took the cameras and equipment down onto the IT room and then changed the Ethernet cable and it was working properly, also we tested the new cable outside where the main place will be for ustream in the show and everything went very well and worked perfectly. We have decided to use two cameras for this show, one camera will be positioned at the roof of College and the other camera will be set up outside, we will ustream both cameras through the Manchester College ustream channels, each camera will be have one Shell Live to publish the show.
Overall, the testing went well and I found it will be interesting show, also its first time I will ustream this kind of show through a Shell live.

There are some pictures from today in below: -


Diary 24/04/2013

In today lesson we had a pair assessment in class, which we had to show our project to each other. Firstly we had to explain about all the work and process we been through such as paperwork, date of filming, finished filming and also editing. However, I was the first person to stand up and talk about my project, which I start filming from February and finished filming beginning of March. Also I nearly finished my Post Production as well by inserting the music onto my project. Moreover, I think it was good assessment to show other people my project and to get feedback from them. I was given really good feedback from students and also from my tutor about my project, which made me happier to continue work on my project and make it more interesting. Then after me other student’s start shown their project of Production and Post Production. In addition after we finished the pair assessment about the Self-Direct Project then we went to the meeting, which held in second floor of the college about end year show. The meeting went well and we debated about how to set up the venue, and also how to organise the better show. Also we debated about the budget, which everyone has to pay £25 for the show. The money that all the student’s will pay is for security, haring the TV monitors, electricity and etc. 


17th April 13

Dairy SDP

In today lesson the tutorial was held for all the second year students. Firstly I was preparing for my tutorial with Peter, the tutorial was about our SDP module which we directing and producing a documentary. However, my tutorial went really went due to the work I have done in past, all have finished filming my documentary since 6th March, and since then I start editing my documentary. The only thing left to complete my finished edited project is to insert the music which I am waiting for, the music will be made by a professional musician and singer call Tara Jaff who is a Kurdish singer lives in London. In addition during the tutorial with Peter, I showed him all the paper work and practical work I have done and completed, I received good feedback from him, which made me happy.
Overall, the tutorial went great, also all the work and paper work, which I have, do for my documentary is nearly completed. 


Dairy 6/03/2013

In today lesson I logged and captured my VT’s, which I filmed for week 5 of my production week. Firstly I start log and capturing all the VT’s I filmed on Saturday at Amang house when he was painting last part of his artwork. However, after log and capturing my VT’s I planed to star drawing my storyboard for editing the project which I will draw storyboard before I start editing and then I will follow the plan I will make on storyboard. Also today after I finished log and capturing and planning of making storyboard I went to the meeting with other students. The meeting was about planning for end of year show, which will be held in June. In addition we will be involve to create the show plan and we will broadcast it live, so as a broadcast TV students we have to show some of our work and also broadcast the show live through Manchester ustream channel. I think the meeting went well and there was lot of things that we discussed, such as venue, founding and also making ready the place for the show. Furthermore, after we finished the meeting I went back to the class and I star working on my Gantt Chart to show to the tutor about the projects and also the filming I am involving and also to show how my own project going. The Gantt chart I made in the previews was in short details so I had to create new one with all the details of filming and projects I am involving as a camera operator or other roles. I finished my Gantt chart in two different styles, the first one is a rough detail of involving filming other projects such as Futsal, Basketball, Manchester Superstar and Cook and Serve Competition. Also detail of filming my own project and editing date. Then the second Gantt chart is given full detail of each day I am attending each tutors lesson, and all other work I will do from February to July. In addition having Gantt chart is easier to explain to the tutor about what you being doing or you will do in the future, and it’s easy for tutor as well to know what each student up to.
Also I have start editing my project today after I logged and captured all the footage I filmed in previews week and imported to the Final Cut Pro. Hence, I will film last part of my project, which will be the end part of the artwork on Saturday, as I explained about the not finishing my filming last week, which I should have, completed my filming but due to the family issue Mr. Amang did not have time to complete the work last week and as I got information from him that he did not draw at all last week, so for this reason we decided to finished filming Saturday 9th March and I hope it goes well.

In the below pictures you can see my Gantt chart which I created today.  


Diary 27/02/13

In today lesson I start log and capturing my VT’s from last week I filmed for my project. Firstly I start capturing all the footage from week 4 of production week, which I filmed in Mr. Amang’s house, and I interviewed him and his wife. However, after I finished capturing then the tutor wanted to see all the footage I filmed and captured, also the tutor asked me to show him all the archive I have and also to show him how I am archiving my footage, but after I did show him my Final Cut Pro and back up footage from the hard drive I found out that I done a big mistake about how to log and capture and also how to archive the footage in safe place. Moreover, after tutor sees the Final Cut Pro and check the format of the footage, which was save in wrong setting and also wasn’t archived in correct way of archiving, he advice me to watch a video call (How to log and capture tape in Final Cut Pro part 1+2 by John Burns), after watching this two video then I found out that I have done really big mistake of log and capturing and also of archiving it in wrong format which I supposed input on HD format but I logged and captured on SD. So therefore I had to remove all the files and footages I logged and captured and saved on my Final Cut Pro and hard drive. After removing all the recorded footage then with help of my tutor I corrected the setting of capturing and also I found out how to put detail before I log and capture by renaming the project before capturing to have it clip by clip in the timeline from Final Cut Pro. In addition, after speaking with Peter about the problem I was facing during capturing my footage, I found out that I was capturing all my footage in past four weeks, but it was really good opportunity for me to get more detail about how to log and capture in correct format by filling all the reel detail such as naming the project, tape number and also the project what to be called in timeline during editing. So after this problem sorted with help of Peter it gave me more experience about Final Cut Pro, also it will give me more chance of getting right work done in the future.

Overall, I think after my mistake it was good opportunity to learn more about how to use Final Cut Pro, especially when log and capturing from tape to Final Cut Pro. When filming in HD then the setting should be set up in the following

Ø  Sequence Preset: -  HDV – 1080i50
Ø  Capture Preset: - HDV
Ø  Device Control Preset: - Sony HDV 1080i50 FireWire
Ø  Video Playback: - Digital Cinema Desktop Preview – Main
Ø  Audio Playback: - Default

After the setting match to the recorded footage and all the Reel details are filled then start capturing the footage in HD.
Then after all the advice and videos I watched then I went through the process of capturing my footage in right format and it was successful and end of the day I got the result of what I was looking for.

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Also today during the time I was going through all the log and capturing process I took few screenshot photos of the work I was doing there in below.