Wednesday, 19 October 2011

idea for channels

Today we have been doing a live show project and we have to choose an idea from all students ideas of studio role and we did choose 2 different ideas.

  • College cultural 
  • Student life  

     The tutor  chose a director, head camera, camera operator, producer, floor manager along with a vision mixer inaddition a guest appearance and a tv presenter,
     So each person in the group had a job of there own. I was in charge of the head camera. This job include me to deal with all three cameras and communicate with the camera operators and director. We start to work as a group and connect the cameras to the preview and control monitor and also to tricaster vision mixer inaddition  connect to live monitor and then check all cameras to be set up. and also

     we connected the audio mixer ain end is audio mixer as wel .
    and also we learned how to connect the talk box to camera and to communicate with director or floor manager.

    We started the recording and the outcome of the recording went very well. After the recording we had to swap the job roles with the students in the group. I changed my position from a head camera to a camera operator.
    After the job role changing within the group we started the recording again. This also went extremely  well. To include further I also became a guest at the end of the recording as the group needed a guest to interview, so i stepped up for the role. Overall, within the group we all had very good communication skills with each other especially with the director, head camera and the floor manager.

    and there is some photo of today's work we done I did took from my phone.

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