Monday, 31 October 2011

burning cats


1- Mikeal
2- Abid

We were seperated into groups of 4. We started to make our idea for maximum of 1 minute news package and we all came up with Abids ideas and we started to take every equipments we need such as camera,  tripod, tape, microphone, headphone, and then Abid made the script and questions and we all agreed to shot outside college and inside college so we started shooting.  We then captured to the final cut pro and Abid started to edit the project and I think we done good job today.  We were doing the job all together as a group and we had good communication skills.
The problem we had at the time of filming that people were walking into the shot and we could hear the mic clashing the presenter jacket.
Also we had a problem with phones interfering with sound .
For next project we have to make sure that we have someone behind the camera and telling people that we are filming that if they can wait for couple of minute or take a different direction.
We could overcome the problem with the sound by making sure that the presenter is holding the mic away from her/his body.
We should make sure all phones are switched off before filming.

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