Friday, 24 February 2012


In past few weeks I have gained a lot of experience about different types of format in camera, also matching camera formats, shutter speed, gain,white balance, picture profile, and output / input setting. Also I gained a lot about how to transfer footage from the cards to the Macs, I did not have knowledge about that at all.
Now I have learned that log and transfer is for footage that has been recorded to a card, I hope to learn more about this during my course to gain extra knowledge.
Log and capture is for transferring footage from the tape, I have used this previously.
Also I have learned that P2 camera is not same as V1 when we want to watch back the recorded clip.
For P2 there is a VCR button in the back of the camera that if I want to watch clips back I need just to click that button. Also if I want to copy all the clips, I have to hold the VCR button for about 5 second to switch into PC DUB mode so then I will see all footage I have on my card.
Before copying the footages from the card I have to make a new folder within the finder, then copy everything I have on the card to the new folder.
After copying everything to the new folder, I have to open the final cut pro and go to file, then go to log and transfer, then highlight all clips and drag it below the time line.
The picture below shows the step by step procedures of how to drag the footage into the final cut pro for editing.


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