Thursday, 1 March 2012


In today's lesson we was separated to group of 5 people and in my group it was my self, Nabeel, Abid,  Danny, Joe.
Also in today's lesson we was given the task of 30 second introduction to a music show from the footage we recorded from previous week.
Firstly, in the morning our tutor (Peter) copied all the files into a folder in each groups computer. Also he explained everything on how to import the footage from the new folder which has been made on to the desktop, We start importing all the clips we had inside the folder in the desktop by using log and transfer. After we imported the footage from the desktop to the final cut pro (FCU) and start editing we found out that we have a short footage as it was an miss understanding about what the tutor said and I did a mistake, I didn't follow all the step by step procedure the tutor ask for, so therefore we did not have enough footage for editing same as the other groups. However after asking tutor we found out that we had done a mistake and we did not follow how he explained about all the files had to be imported to the final cut pro, after all this again tutor (Peter) showed us how to log and transfer all footage from desktop to the timeline.
However, here I want to give myself criticism as I did not follow what the tutor ask me to do.So for next task I will have good ear of listening and make sure to have a good communication with my group to ensure  everything is in good order because of my mistake today we had to go through a lot.
However after we imported all the footage for the second time after the help of tutor (Peter) we start editing as a group, in between editing the computer power switched off and we lost all our work again. Moreover after computer switched on again we had to start from the beginning. We as a group started working and at the end of the day we finished our task that was given by tutor and we exported to the desktop, Overall I wasn't happy with my performance today and I should listen more to prevent any mistakes as I did face today. However the task was only the practice and it is a good experience to gain for the main projects  which will come in the future.

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