Tuesday, 24 April 2012


In todays lesson first we was given the check list that we had to review and make it clear about the VTs for News Room Operation. However, we was checking the list which include the identify requirements based on the brief to include the target audience, review paperwork requirements etc. Moreover, after checking all the mentioned list we was told by the tutor to set up the studio. As a group we started setting up the studio and it took about 30 minute to set up everything such as Cameras, tripod, tricaster etc. then after setting up all the equipment we wanted to use it we faced a big problem which all the cameras wasn't working and we couldn't receive any footage from all the cameras. Furthermore I took responsibilities of that and I took cameras one by one to the gallery room and tried them on the tricaster to find out if there is any problem with BNC or XLR wires but after testing all 3 cameras inside the gallery room I received clear footage from all 3 cameras. Overall I start working on the all BNCs wires and I exchanged these wires and after exchanging all the wires finally we got all 3 cameras work properly. However it tools long time till I could sort the problem we had due to the BNCs wires so for that reason we did not had time to do some rehearsal for the News Room Operation. So therefore in the end of the day we de-rig all the equipment.

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