Tuesday, 17 April 2012


In today lesson we was given a quick session of how to use new talk backs we have, which the session was given by (Colin) the new talk backs are wireless and can be used in far distance, which will help us to communicate much better than other talk backs which we had lot of problems in previous module with connecting wires and some of old talk backs wasn't working properly. In my view this new talk backs will help us a lot to sort the problems out easily. Also the good thing about the new talk backs is that it can be used without connecting the wires and it will help to prevent any risk of tripping on the cables and wires. Moreover the only criticism about this new talk backs is when one person talk then other people cant talk and have to wait till the first person to finish conversation then they can start to talk, or if 2 people in the same time press the button to talk then none of them can talk due to the noise will come through the headphone. Moreover in today lesson each individual students had to present their own ideas for music show which will be broadcasted in Manchester College Fielden Campus in May. During the morning time I was preparing for my presentation more and made everything ready to pitch it. However after lunch break we started pitching  on our presentation one by one and I was the Fourth person to pitch my presentation, during the presentation I think I done quite well and I think I was confident and relaxed. Moreover I think today was a great day and there was quite few good Ideas. From all the presentation presented today, only one will be chosen. Which will be decided either by tutor or students, I think we will make a great music show this time. Here is my presentation which I have created on prezi and I would like to share it here.

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