Tuesday, 1 November 2011

setting equipment

 Today we was told by the tutor that next week we will film bands for our assessment. So today we learnt how to set up all the equipments we need on the live show. We start to work as a group and connect the cameras to the preview and control monitor and also to tricaster vision mixer inaddition  connect to live monitor and then check all cameras to be set up. My job was the camera assistant and I dealt with all 3 camera operators and I helped them how to use white balance and then checked the colour we wanted is on the camera. We did had some problem with setting white balance due to the light through the windows but in the end finally we had the colour we wanted and the first setting took more then 1 hour 30 minute. After lunch we de_rig all the equipments and we start setting it up again and made sure we be quicker then first time and after lunch I took sound position and I set up sound mixer and I found it useful and easy and I enjoyed it.  We did succeed this time and we set up everything in 45minute. All of us were please with that so if for the day of filming we set up all equipment in 45minute then we will have more time to set up all cables and check everything and make sure that we are ready for filming. End of the day we had to de_rig all equipments back into the box. Today i learned about how to set up everything and especially about sound mixer and it was my first time to do this job and I found it very useful and I took some photos after i set up the sound mixer and I like to share them photos here. 

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