Wednesday, 17 October 2012



In today lesson we was given an task which we had to film some short documentary about anything we like to make, edit and publish in YouTube or Vimeo.
However, in the morning I wasn’t able to be in college due to the appointment I had in hospital so I wasn’t able to film anything.
Moreover, after my appointment from hospital I went to college but it was afternoon and everyone filmed the story they wanted so I was told by tutor to be regroup with one group and edit the footage they filmed.
So therefore, I decided to edit the footage, which was filmed by Abid, Ashley and Luke.
 Firstly I captured all the footage to final cut pro and then I started editing it, in between editing I faced some problem and I lost all work I done but with help of tutor Peter I got half my work back which it was saved but not all the work.
Overall, in the end of the day I finished editing and also chose music for my project but unfortunately couldn’t export and publish because it was late and didn’t had time to export which could be taken long time till it export so due to that I left my work for another day to export and hopefully will publish it in my YouTube or Vimeo channel as soon as I finish it. 


Today I found the time to finish my unfinished documentary, which I should have finished on Wednesday, but due to the problem I faced on Wednesday I couldn’t finish the work. The problem was losing all the editing as I explained on my yesterdays Diary with help of tutor Peter I got half of my work back and fortunately today I finished all the editing and published my documentary in my YouTube channel.
For more info you can click on my YouTube channel link in below

Also here is the video which I finished editing and published today. 

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