Saturday, 13 October 2012


In today lesson we told by tutor to create an short documentary with (Idea, story structure, target audience, length and budget) and pitch it front of other students for investment. However, I watched a lot of Documentary in YouTube then finally i found a really good documentary about a young boy who involved an accident and past away, the documentary called (Tyler short documentary). 
Moreover, I created my own story and pitched front of other students for investment. 
The story structure i created is in below.

Don't forget Tyler


There are could be a thousand stories about young people who involve an accident and die which could be really sad stories, that we can make an documentary about their lives. However, this documentary, which I will make, is totally different to theme stories. This story is about a really young talented boy who wanted to be a worldwide known artist, but unfortunately he died in a really young age. This boy was called Tyler, Tyler was really talented person who started drawing in age of 5 years old. So therefore in this documentary I want to show to the world his talent and also show his passion for his work.

Story structure

The documentary is about a young talented boy who has involved an accident and past away in a really young age.
The structure of the documentary is different and sad, it’s a young talented boy life story, which everyone loved and missed.
Firstly it will consist of some home video’s, which is start with Tyler life then some graphics of the work Tyler has done in past. Moreover, the documentary will include shorts interview pieces of friends, family member and teacher talking about Tyler character and his personality.

Target Audience

My target audience will be start from over 12 years old (female & male).
The reason I chose this age is because the people on at this age mots use Internet the youngest. Also people at over 12 will understand the story of the documentary than 12 years old.

The documentary will be around 10 minute long which I believe that’s will be enough time to get this subject all together as a good documentary.


The budget for this documentary will be around £10,000 to £12,000 pounds which is cover all the production instruments, crew, traveling, food, hotel and self directing.

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