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In today lesson we were given some task that we had to do in the class, but firstly in the morning we had to choose the rep for our class.
However, after tutor asked all students about a rep there wasn’t anyone interested on this job and we had long conversation about who want to take this position, last year we had Rebecca as a rep for our class but I don’t know what happened that she gave up. Also we were given some task in below

Ø  Vimeo video should be uploaded.
Ø  Analyse current content – what’s out there?
Ø  Realise our strengths and weaknesses.
Ø  Create reference for our editing work.
Moreover, after we were given the task and explained what should we do we all start researching about the subject above. In the begging I had some problem about my vimeo video, which I couldn’t upload to my vimeo account due to the big file. After I found out my video is big file and cant upload the file bigger then 500MB I compressed my video through handbrake and made it smaller file size, then I uploaded my video to my account in vimeo, also I updated my vimeo account and we had to write our Bio in the vimeo. Then we went for short break.
After break time we had to decide who would be the rep for our class, fortunately Nyasha decided to candidate himself to become our the rep.

Foretheremure, I start to do my own task about what kind of format will I use for camera and editing my projects in future, I did researched about this task a lot and I thought about it what kind of format should I use in my filming and editing style. However, I was confused about this task and didn’t understand the task fully but I done some research about it decided to film my projects with Sony V1 with format 1080i / 50p and editing in final cup pro (FCP) with format ProRes LT 422.

Also today we had personal tutorial with Peter, about idea, which we choose to make documentary.

Overall, today was the good day and it was nice to learn more about use of formats when filming and editing. Also how to use vimeo in proper way,
In the end of the day I think my tutorial with Peter was good and I’m glad that he (Peter), like my idea, which I choose to make documentary about it.

In below is the short written word about my idea, which I will film in the near future.

There are a lot of good stories that we can make a perfect documentary out of which can be interesting. However, the documentary, which I decided to research about and create it, is about an Amanj Mardokhy, a Kurdish talented artist who lives in Stockport greater Manchester, and has recently graduated in Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).
This story is about Amanj Mardokhy an artist who immigrated to this country and worked hard to be at this level. In this documentary I will show to the world Mr. Amanj’s brilliant artistic talent, also I will show his passion for his work,
Story structure
The structure of this documentary is different and it is very interesting.
Firstly, it will consist of a tile sequence for the show, which will be designed earlier by my self through the motion or after effects or might be designed by Mr. Amanj himself because he is a designer and artist. Moreover, the documentary will include some archive footage, which I filmed by myself for Mr. Amanj exhibition if needed. Also this documentary will include short interview pieces of friends, family members or colleagues talking about Mr. Amanj character, personality and work.
In addition the film will begin with Mr. Amanj working on his latest piece and will include an interview of his daily life.
In this documentary, I will use steady, hand held and wide shots when I film to show what art means to Mr. Amanj. I will film as much general view (GV’s) as I can which will be needed. The GV’s will include of Mr. Amanj doing work when drawing also during interview when he uses his hands and include when he walks outside or when going university / work.
‘Untitled’ is an example of Mr. Amanj’s artwork below.

‘Untitled’ Amanj Mardokhy, 2006

Target Audience
 My target audience is going to be art lovers. However, the reason I have decided to have the above audience is because this type of documentary can be watched from above mostly and people who are interesting in art & culture.
The length of my documentary will be around 10 to 15 minute long which I believe that’s will be enough time to explain my subject to the audience and I want to make this documentary knowledgeable and interesting for others to watch. 

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