Wednesday, 14 November 2012



Today I went to a BVE North seminar in Manchester, it was my first time ever I involve in such as exhibition with so many amazing cameras and other broadcasting equipment such as tricaster, tripods and lights etc.
However, I check a lot of cameras from different makes such as Canon, Sony and ARRI and I found it really interesting. The ARRI cameras was first time ever I see in my life and I loved it. Also there was few more cameras which was really interesting, the camera call Nikon ‘G’ and PL lens mounts and the interesting and amazing thing about this camera was the 20.000 frame per second and the video they showed.
Moreover, as I looked around and saw more amazing broadcasting equipment such as wonderful Canon, Sony cameras and Gib on the tripod it made me to love my subject I am studying currently, and hopefully one day I will have chance to get them incredible kit to work with and make my own projects with it.

Furthermore, the thing was really interesting was the guy who making the Canon camera with ice, it was really interesting to watch how he done the remarkable work as you can see in below pictures.

Also I joint to the few seminars about cameras which was amazing and helpful about using camera and what kind of lens can be good to use with it, also the seminar about cinematographer who involved with few good films he filmed by himself and it was really good to watch them films which I found it prefect.

Overall, I think It was one of the best day for me which it was my first time ever to attend those kind of seminars / exhibition, and I am looking forward to attend more seminars like todays one and gain more experience about cameras, tricaster and etc.

I have taken quite few photos in today seminar, which I like to share here.

Nikon 'G' and PL

Atomos samurai HD-SDI recorder 

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