Wednesday, 7 November 2012



In today lesson which we started after a half term. Firstly in the morning we told about a BVE north seminars which will take in place on Wednesday 14th November in Manchester, so we had to register to get ticket for entrance. So therefore i registered and i got my badge number through email. Also we had lesson about how to use Panasonic P2 camera in the right way of using. In the lesson we learned how to match cameras if there is more then one cameras, by checking the format of the cameras in the setting to find out what format the camera is being set up, after checking the cameras setting we put both cameras in to the 1080i /50i and then we worked on cameras to match white balance, gain and aperture to have same colour and format for filming.

However, after we done all the cameras work and matched the white balance, gain etc. we had launch break. After we back from launch break, we given a lesson by tutor how to use Glide Cam HD 4000; it’s a piece of metal, which can help how to balance the camera and using it while moving around, it was really interesting to know how to use the Glide Cam, but I found it really hard for using and also it takes time to fix it and balance it. Moreover, the Glide Cam is really good to use if we get use to it and get fix it as quick as we can, I think it will be great to use in our production projects.

Foretheremure, after we learned how to use the Glide Cam, we set the camera to use lighting and new sound mixer with it which is the small box call SQN known as portable sound mixer, which we can connect the radio Mic or Boom Mic to the sound mixer and then control the sound. Also in this lesson we learned how to change the sound from camera and only use the sound coming from the sound mixer SQN portable sound mixer.

Overall, I think I gained a lot of experience today about use of camera, sound and also the Glide Cam; I’m looking forward to learn more about sound mixer, and also the Glide Cam. 

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