Wednesday, 21 November 2012



In today lesson we were told in the morning by Ricardo that they (Peter & Ricardo) have swapped their class for one day and Peter was introducing himself to first year students and also Ricardo was in our class to hear our pitch ideas for our self directed project for documentary. However, firstly in the morning we started pitching our idea and the first person pitched was Danny Jack and then I decided to pitch my idea, but I didn’t had my power point pitch with me so I had to go through my treatment and summaries my pitch then after me Jack pitched his idea. Moreover, after Jack finished pitching Ricardo decided to show us some videos, which can help us to develop better documentary, and we watched the video called (I can), after watching the video we went to launch break, and then after launch break we watched more video. After video finished the rest of students pitched their idea one by one and until they all finished their pitches.
Overall, after all of students finished their pitches tutor decided to see us one by one for tutorial but due to the time he changed his mind and decided to have tutorial next week. 

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