Thursday, 15 December 2011


On Tuesdays lesson tutor (Colin) showed us how to use VT on tricastor when its on live show and how to mix the Recorded VT with live show.Then how to go to VT from live studio then back to live show on studio. I found it very useful and also it will help us when we are doing the basic studio operation live for (Ricardo's) Assignment. I took few different roles such as.

  • Camera 
  • Floor manager 
  • Vision mixer 
I took vision mixer position twice as I wanted to work on this role to get more experience on how to mix VT when its on live show. This is because on the basic studio operation live show for Ricardo's assignment my role is vision mixing.Overall, I had a good time and also I gained alot of experience on how to mix VT with the live show.
We had problems quite a few times during the live show with the sound and it took a long time till the control room and director could fix the problem.

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