Monday, 12 December 2011



For our news package that consists my self, Kassem, Luke, Imogen. We all decided for our news package to do drinking and smoking. After researching about alcohol and smoking we found that there is not lot of student who drink and smoke at the same time so we all agreed to focus on the alcohol and envelopment of student and health.
We will consider whether if its bad or optimistic package on students drinking alcohol. How many unit they drink per week? Do they know the risk and effects? How much money do they spend on the alcohol every week? Also how many people die in every year of binge drinking? 
We will interview students from Manchester college and also maybe peoples on the street but make sure  they are students.
Also we will take some GVs shot from students when they are buy or drink alcohol and use it as general view if its possible.
this will involve lot of direction that we will face when filming, editing etc.
When filming there is some limitation on such as. We not allowed to film without permission if we want to film corner shops or pubs first we need to ask for permission then start filming. Also we not allowed to film any product that show the labels of alcohol name or pub or clubs name.
As a group we agreed that we will speak about students health and risk may effect them when they drink alcohol so we will film hospital and interview a member of staff if its possible and we will ask for permission to film and interview hospital staff to find out more information about students who been effected by alcohol each week and how much it cost NHS for binge drinking each week. 
Also we will use a graphic for our news package to make the news more interesting for viewer.

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