Thursday, 1 December 2011

ustream video

The limitations that i found in this video which i think can be amended for the next filming are
The movement of the camera angle should stay in the same position until the director tells the camera operator to move.So for the film that i observed i found that the left camera which was on live, the camera operator  made a sudden zoom out motion without the director’s permission.Another problem i noticed was that the middle camera operator had no head room which caused the camera operator to loose his control of the camera. This also can be due to the camera man zooming out/in really fast when zooming out that made him to loose the control of camera.
 For next time if I became as a camera operator I will make sure to check every step I take and focus on the zooming out/in. I will Make sure there is enough head room and I will be control of the cameras movements.
From my perspective, the director didn't have good communication with the camera operators. This effected every shot we took, especially when the director ordered the camera operators for shot. The director must ensure to tell the camera operators which shots is on air. From the video clip (see above) i noticed that the director had very poor communication with the camera operators.
For next time the director should have a very good communication with all the crew team especially camera operators to make everything accurate for the next filming and ensure we get the good shots we need.
 If I became as a director i will make sure I have good communication with all crew team especially camera operator & vision mixer to be sure what i want is in order and not face any mistakes, especially mixing the shots and asking for what shot I want I need to be careful which camera is live and which one I will ask for next shot.
Vision mixer
As I see on this video the vision mixer wasn't that fast changing the shots. The vision mixer should be really careful and keep focus on the shots taken. Some times director are really busy and he forgot to order for the changes. So therefore it is the vision mixers responsibility to change the shots. As I noticed on this video there was quite a few mistakes in changing the shots.
If I was given the vision mixer role in the future, I will make sure I am very careful on the shots taken and as soon as I notice a mistake I will try to prevent it from happening as soon aspossible. Moreover I will try to improve on my listening skills to ensure i pay attention to the director.

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