Friday, 13 January 2012

Content & style

Content and Style of my news package
As a group we have decided that our news package will concentrate on Alcohol. We all came to agreement with this specific topic due to our research on Alcohol via a variety of websites. By researching about alcohol from the internet, it extended to build up our news package.
The content we will be utilizing to start the news package is by a presenter who will introduce a live show for our news package. The presenter will give more detail on our news package and then a brief description of the students who drink alcohol. During the live show the short GVs (general view) of alcohol and clubs & bars will be shown on the video. Then from the live show we will cut to the VTs (video tape) were the interview has been recorded in which question will be asked to the students about alcohol. The total running time for this news package for (David Gee) Assignment will be approximately one minute up to two minute. Also this news package for (Ricardo’s) Assignment will be no longer than five minute.
The style and colour scheme that I wanted to use for our news package was orange background & white text as it is very attractive and also it will bring people’s attention. So therefore, as a group we agreed to the style and colour scheme. However after a conversation I had with my group about the colour I decided to choose a different colour and I had to agree with them and we all decided to stick with one colour and the colour we choose is red scheme with white text. As we all found it would be easy to read. Also the lettering we will use is Ariel as it’s a knowledgeable viewing font.
 Also we designed a logo for our news package this logo is a production logo that has been made by our news producer (Imogen Hawkins), this logo has been created to look extra skillful to the news package. Our producer has made 2 different logos. The first logo didn’t work properly as it didn’t match to our news package because the background of the logo was white colour.
As an example of our first & last logo that has been made by our news producer (Imogen Hawkins) she created this logo by using Photoshop software.

first logo

                                                      second logo 
 There is another reason that we agreed to changed the group production logo is because the first logo (Imogen Hawkins) made didn’t look professional so we decided to create a new logo to be more standard and professional. For second logo had been made we decided to choose black colour background with white text.

Target audience
My target audience for this news package is going to be 18+ years old (male & female) globally.
The reason I have chosen the 18+ years old is because in law it’s offensive if the supermarkets or shops sell alcohol to under 18 years old.

One of the advantages during my progress in the project was that I gained a lot of knowledge about alcohol such as the statistics, the consumption units between men and women and how it affects the body.

Also one of the disadvantages during this project was that when we went outside broadcast to film some GVs for our news package. We had to ask for permission from pub & club owner. But after we went out side broadcast and we went to few pub & club and we asked for permission but the owner of these pub & club didn’t give us the permission for filming some GVs for our news package. So because of this we do not have enough GVs to put on our news package VT.

I think my progress in this project was very well performed and I put all my knowledge about filming into this project. During filming this project I had good communication skills with other member of my group

My performance
I think totally I had good performance during this project of making news package with my group. Also as I said on above as well I had very good communication with my group and all of my group were really helpful with me. Moreover I am please with my performance and also with other member of my team performance as well. Overall for grading my self I will let you to decide this.

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