Friday, 20 January 2012

Research portfolio

For my research on my portfolio I watched (the Graham Norton show) interviewing Madonna. I counted how many cameras were in use on this show and where the cameras have been set up, I found out that in this show 6 cameras were used. There were some cameras taking different shots. Firstly I thought it could be more cameras in use but after I watched the interview back few times and I noticed its only 6 cameras that were being used. The first shot that was taken was a long shot and then it went to mid shot to wide shot back to mid shot and then back to long shot. Also I noticed that were some shots that changed very quickly and it didn't take longer then 5 second to change.

 I created the above floor plan for Graham Norton show that’s shows the all cameras angles and also presenter with chair & the guest additionally with the couch, the table in front of them and the studio audience. I included all the cameras which were used for this show and I notice that there were 6 cameras in use, 3 of them on the dolly but with no movement in left side, also 2 cameras in the right side, Inaddition there is a camera in the left corner attached to the studio ceiling that shows the full studio with the audience. As I watched this video quite few times I noticed that all the shots are steady shots that were taken.

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