Thursday, 26 January 2012


Today we were doing the practical assignment production for studio basic operation.

Firstly in the morning the tutor gave more time to students who have not finished they the paperwork for assignment and we were told that we would start our practical assignment production after a lunch break.

In today lesson we didn't have to set up all equipment’s because Josh Lloyd set up all the equipment’s one-day before and only things we have to do is to check everything to be sure they work.

However during the rehearsal again we faced the same problem as we faced last week of the camera that it wasn’t working properly we had to go through all the same work as we were being through last week, however after took long time till Abid and Ricardo with help of Peter sort the problem.

Moreover during fixing the camera problem they changed the composite wire few times but they couldn't sort the problem until they decided to change the composite wire to component wire, after working hard to fix that, problem finally they sorted the problem.

After camera being fixed the 1st group left from last week start their rehearsal, after doing one rehearsal the group decided to take the main shot. I was in charge of sound mixer, during the rehearsal I checked the sound mixer and all microphones I faced a small problem but after Nabeel and me worked together we sort the problem out. The problem faced during the rehearsal I had 2 microphones connected to one channel, but as I said in above with the Nabeel help we sort the problem and it went very well.

However after 1st group finished their practical assignment production it was my group time to start our practical assignment.

However in my group I was in charge of the vision mixer and we start doing our practical assignment, during the 1st rehearsal I faced a small problem again and the problem was, when from live show I cut to the VT both of my VT and ending title played at the same time so therefore I asked Ricardo and again with the Ricardo help I sort the problem again.

After one rehearsal we decided to go for the take and we succeed. However in my view I think we had very good communication skills together as a group all today, and I think the communication skills are improved and it was better than last week.

There are some photographs that I took today and I would like to share here.

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