Wednesday, 11 January 2012


In todays lesson we had practical assignment rehearsal for studio basic ops.
After setting up all equipment such as.
Camera, tripod, vision mixer etc.
In this assignment we have been separated to group of 4 person and each group had to practice their act as it was live show in the studio then cut to VT then back to live show in the studio.
In my group for this assignment consists of below table.
Vision mixer
Floor manager
In my group we had (Matthew) as a presenter (Abid & Erin) as a guest.
During the live show we done well but from the live show we cut to the VT we forgot to put presenter & guest microphone on mute during playing VT. During the time of VT playing we could hear the presenter & guest talking and it was interfering with VT.

To prevent the mistake from happening again I will make sure to remind the sound mixer to remember as soon as we cut from live studio show to VT he/she have to put studio sound to mute till we get back to live show again.  

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