Thursday, 19 January 2012


Today we were doing the practical assignment production for studio basic operation.
Firstly in the morning we took all the equipment’s out of the van and start setting up for our practical production.
After setting up all the equipment’s such as.
Tricaster, vision mixer, cameras etc.
Each group were given their time of filming and the first group start doing rehearsal. During the rehearsal we faced the problem with one of them 3 cameras we set, so we start working on the problem as a group but we couldn’t sort the problem out, however we decided to start rehearsal and main take with 2 cameras. For first group I was in charge of the camera, during the rehearsal and main take I did not see a good communication between the group members that I was doing a camera role for their group. Also because of shortage camera it was hard to do the job properly.
However after the first group done their job we went for a break.
After the break Abid and Ricardo fixed the camera, as they were not working.
However after break second group were ready to start rehearsal and main take but before start the rehearsal this time 2 cameras went off, so this time took quite long time to fix the cameras and we went through a lot and changed the composite wires few times finally we fixed the cameras. However the second group took long time till they decided they are ready for the main take after few times rehearsal, I were in charge of camera again for the second group.
After second group finished their job the third group start rehearsal and main take, in this group I didn’t had any role so I were doing my paper work.
However the third group finish quite late and because of that we did not had time to go through to the next act so therefor we were told by tutor that we will do our production assignment on Monday.
The group left for Monday is 2 group my group and another group is the group (Josh) directing.

Knowing risks
There were quite few risks in the time and tutor told us as well that we have to beware of them wires on the floor and all kits around, so we cleared the floor after word and then start filming.
I took some photos and I would like to share here.

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