Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Today we was given a lesson about how to export a video clip from tricaster to Lace. Today I learnt to make sure the (Lace) is connected to exporting the video clip from tricaster and then choose the video clip and render it.

Also we was given a lesson how to use stream in online net.
 I learned how to open fire fox followed by ustream Manchester college.
Then we made sure that we are logged in by  Colin"s details, however if we could not access the Ustream we must ask for Colin's permission to access the Ustream.
Make sure that stream is turned on to live then click Go live.
Then wait till we get the (FME knowing as Flash media en-corder) When you see the FME then click on the start broadcast & record broadcast.When you done all then click stop recording & stop broadcast.
As soon as you stop recording & stop broadcasting it will show you that you can save and click on the save then chose your title + tag .

I found the Ustream lesson very useful so therefore I know how to use ustream and to export footage from tircastor to Lace. Firstly I had little problem about exporting the footage as I was taking note from Colin's lesson.  I did however missed some parts on how to use it.  I asked Colin again and he was really helpful and he told me everything from beginning and i found it very easy and useful.

Also today we was given our roles for 06/12/11  rehearsal day in Lever street campus the college of music that we will film band on that day and my roles for the rehearsal  day are,

  • Director
  • Camera operator
  • Floor manager
Firstly in the morning I will be a director and this will be my first time directing.
Then for my Second role I will be a camera operator which I am confident and familiar with that role this is because I have experience in using the camera and I don't have any problem with this role.
Then my third role is floor manager as this is my first time as a floor manager.

Also we was told by our tutor to watch back 2 different video clips that we filmed a band last few weeks and write some notes about.
  • Camera
  • Directing
  • Vision mixer

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