Sunday, 20 May 2012




Today I attended College for rehearsal for our news 30-minute live show. However, after attending College we start uploading some VT’s form students to tricaster and also we set the studio for rehearsal but unfortunately again there wasn’t enough student for the rehearsal. So therefore we decided to finish uploading and then I went home.



In today lesson which we should have do our rehearsal for our 30-minute news live show in the studio but unfortunately it’s didn’t happen due to the VT’s again which some of the students didn’t did not filmed or edited their VT’s. Also some of the students didn’t attend the class today which its really effecting the process of the live show which will be on next week, However, for this module we did not have even one rehearsal due to the short VT’s and students which not attending class fully and I think it will be really effect the process of the show. Moreover, the group which I am in have couple of VT’s ready and we uploaded to the tricaster and we start working on other VT’s for the show. So therefore we decided to meet in College in Friday and uploaded all other VT’s which is not ready yet. 

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