Wednesday, 30 May 2012



In today lesson we was told to upload the final show into the DVD data and we had to go through a long process to get the footage out from tricaster and then copy it to the DVD. I found it hard in the beginning and I thought its really hard to go through that and I was looking some way to do that but I couldn’t find anyway to go through that process especially how to get the footage out from the tricaster. However, after the tutor (PETER) transferred the footage from tricaster to the LaCie and he made it easy for us to go through and find the solution for making DVD data. Moreover, after the footage was transferred to the LaCie we was told to make DVD but the file was really large and it wasn’t enough room in the DVDs so we had to compress the footage and make the file smaller and then put into the DVD again I did not know anything about handbrake which can make files smaller and easier, the tutor showed me and told me how to go through the handbrake and how to use it. So therefore after I found out how to use the handbrake I got the footage to the deck top and I then downloaded the handbrake and I put the footage to the handbrake it was really long process and it took about 7 to 8 hours to final step in the end of the day I still couldn’t get the finished file so therefore I have to leave it till tomorrow.
However, today I was re editing all the footage from the final show but it was really hard to re edit the footage and during the editing only for 2 minute footage it took more then 15 minute to render it so I left the editing and I stick with the handbrake. The screenshot of the handbrake which it was my first time to use is in below:


Today when I arrived to the College I had my final compressed footage ready which it was 8.13 GB but the handbrake compressed it to 806 MB and I was really pleased with that and it impressed me. I gained lot of experience from this and I really happy that I know how to use handbrake now which can help me a lot in the future. Also today I copied the final footage to the DVD data and its working properly, also I helped few other students and showed them how to use handbrake. 

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