Sunday, 27 May 2012


Some more research about my VT

My VT is on the community culture which consists of the Kurdish culture, also the organisation that was developed in Manchester called Kurdistan art & culture.
Kurdistan art & culture was developed in 3.12.2006 for Kurdish community around the Manchester area.
However, the aim of developing this organisation was to show the Kurdish culture to different cultures and to mix with other communities around all the United Kingdom.

Kurdish community in Manchester run this organisation and they involve to all kind of festivals to show the Kurdish culture to different peoples form different communities, also in this organisation they have several kinds of activities which is Dancing, Theatre, Filmmaking, Music, Exhibition and seminars.

This organisation is an independent organisation which is not involve with any political activities and are supported by Kurdish community around the United Kingdom,

Moreover, this organisation based in Stockport Manchester, and they do dancing, theatre, exhibition and music festival several times a year.

The main activities from this organisation are the remembrance day of Halabja. Halabja is the city of Kurdistan which was attack by chemical weapon by Iraqi government in 1988 and killed more then 5000 thousand innocent people and wounded more then 10.000 thousand other, the remembrance day take in place every 16.03 in the year and this organisation organise the meeting in Piccadilly garden in Manchester centre to gather and pray for the martyrs. Also another activities which this organisation keen to do is the Kurdish new year (Nawroz), Nawroz is mean new day in Kurdish language, the first day of spring is Kurdish new year which its take in place in 21 March. March 21, is the biggest day in Kurdish culture and Kurdistan art & culture organisation organise the new year party celebration every year in Manchester area which they invite famous Kurdish singers from Kurdistan or around the world to celebrate the Kurdish news year (Nawroz). Moreover, this organisation also do festivals in exhibition and theatre often as well.

For more information my secondary research was on a Kurdistan art & culture Facebook page which was written in Kurdish language so I had to translate to English,  

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