Thursday, 3 May 2012


In today lesson we was told by tutor to set up the studio and have rehearsal for our 30 minute news operation show. However, as a group we start set up the equipment and made studio ready for rehearsal and it took around 45 minute to set all equipment we need such as camera, tricaster, monitors etc. also checked all equipment to make sure everything is work properly because last week we had connection problem between cameras and tricaster. Furthermore, after setting up all equipment we had meeting with tutor (Sam), as she wanted to make sure that everything is ready for the rehearsal but unfortunately nothing was ready from lot of other students. I don’t want to blame or criticise any one but I think if they not make their VT’s ready for next week then they will let other students down who work hard and make everything ready. Moreover, after meeting we had with Sam we been told by the tutor (Sam) that we have to make all the VT’s ready for the show and also have all scripts and paperwork done before Friday 11/05/2012 and the reason for 11/05/2012 is because next Monday is bank holiday so we will do our rehearsal on Friday 11/05/2012. Overall, I think we should had these kind of meeting week after Easter break which the tutor could push the student to make their VT ready for the show. Moreover, after meeting with tutor we gathered as a group and created our structure for the show and decided how the show will start which will begin with back screen to title sequence and then to the presenter and then cut to the VT. Also we decided which VT will start first and which will be the last for the show and how the show will be ended. Also in today I had personal tutorial with Sam about my paperwork and she is really helpful to me. 

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