Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Diary 24/04/2013

In today lesson we had a pair assessment in class, which we had to show our project to each other. Firstly we had to explain about all the work and process we been through such as paperwork, date of filming, finished filming and also editing. However, I was the first person to stand up and talk about my project, which I start filming from February and finished filming beginning of March. Also I nearly finished my Post Production as well by inserting the music onto my project. Moreover, I think it was good assessment to show other people my project and to get feedback from them. I was given really good feedback from students and also from my tutor about my project, which made me happier to continue work on my project and make it more interesting. Then after me other student’s start shown their project of Production and Post Production. In addition after we finished the pair assessment about the Self-Direct Project then we went to the meeting, which held in second floor of the college about end year show. The meeting went well and we debated about how to set up the venue, and also how to organise the better show. Also we debated about the budget, which everyone has to pay £25 for the show. The money that all the student’s will pay is for security, haring the TV monitors, electricity and etc. 

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