Wednesday, 1 May 2013



In today lesson I had tutorial with my tutor about my final pitch feedback, however, I was the first student to have tutorial about how the pitching and also the final pitch paperwork handed in process went. After having meeting with tutor and finding out about my result I am very happy with the result and I’m looking forward to do better in the final handing project.
Moreover, after my tutorial with (Peter), I start importing my projects VT’s which I filmed on Saturday and Monday in both Mr. Amang’s house and Manchester Metropolitan University, but before importing the VT’s I had some problem about my new Final Cut Pro 7 which I installed the new version of it because I had the Final Cut Pro X but I don’t like to work on Final Cut Pro X and I installed the Final Cut Pro 7 but the problem showed me the scratch disk which it not match with what I had on my laptop and it said that there is some missing files which I had to find it and then can import and use that program. However, after researching about it on different MacBook devices I found the solution for the problem I faced and I sorted the issue, then after fixing the problem I start importing my VT’s from master tape to Final Cut Pro 7. Also during importing the VT’s again I faced another problem which it was first time I see, when I was importing the VT’s and it was working properly and after few minutes of import it says the dropped frame and it stopped the importing. This problem happened few times during importing the VT’s but thankfully finally the problem sorted and I imported all of my 2 master Tape which I filmed in week one and week two of production week.
Overall, I had good day and done some work about my future filming such as booking equipment for week three of production week which again I will film in Mr. Amang’s house while he draw. 

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