Wednesday, 1 May 2013




In today lesson we had final presentation for our project (Self-Directed Project).
However, each student had 15 minute to preparer and present their ideas.
My time was at 3.10pm to 3.25pm, however, I came to college early in the day to print and be ready for my presenting time and made sure not to be late and also be prepared fully.
Moreover, after organising my folder with all the research and documents which I researched about my subject, then at the time of my presentation I was ready and went to presenting room,
Furthermore, I start my presentation really well and without and stress or nervous, I think I pitched really well and I was really confident and relax during my presentation. Also I think I was well organised my folder which I had to handed in, was good prepared and organised. During my presentation tutor just asked 2 question about my project and I answered both question, the questions was how will I fill the genocide subject which I mentioned in my treatment about the artist work, however, my project will be totally different to the past work which the artist done but the discussion of the artist archive work which his more famous is about genocide about Kurdish people but this project will be totally different to the discussion. Also the second question was about how many event I filmed before in past because I mentioned in my pitch that I am confident and relax using Sony V1 camera, and for the question tutor asked was the link of my YouTube channel which I filmed in past and some of my archive footage is the artist exhibition which I done in Huddersfield in the year of 2012.  

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