Wednesday, 1 May 2013



In today lesson I continued with editing my project (The success Of An Artist), however, I also did work on my new title sequence that was created by one of my friend call (Salar). Moreover, during editing I showed my edited part of project to Peter, then I been told to make changes on some part of the edited part, to make short some part and make long some others. In addition, after Peter’s advice I worked on the clips and made them the way Peter asked and finally it looked better then the way it was.

                                                           Charity Abseil

Furthermore, also today I was involving to go to Manchester College, Wythenshawe Campus, for testing the cameras and using the Shell Live which can be connected to the internet and then we will ustream it live through Manchester College ustream channel.
Also we did check the location for which we will film the charity abseil on it Friday 15th March. The show is for charity which there will be quite lot of people around to do abseil through the College roof to the ground and we will film and ustream it live for charity.

However, after checking the location especially the roof we did faced some problem about internet connection which we couldn’t get the internet connection to use the Shell Live for streaming it, then we took the cameras and equipment down onto the IT room and then changed the Ethernet cable and it was working properly, also we tested the new cable outside where the main place will be for ustream in the show and everything went very well and worked perfectly. We have decided to use two cameras for this show, one camera will be positioned at the roof of College and the other camera will be set up outside, we will ustream both cameras through the Manchester College ustream channels, each camera will be have one Shell Live to publish the show.
Overall, the testing went well and I found it will be interesting show, also its first time I will ustream this kind of show through a Shell live.

There are some pictures from today in below: -

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