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Diary 27/02/13

In today lesson I start log and capturing my VT’s from last week I filmed for my project. Firstly I start capturing all the footage from week 4 of production week, which I filmed in Mr. Amang’s house, and I interviewed him and his wife. However, after I finished capturing then the tutor wanted to see all the footage I filmed and captured, also the tutor asked me to show him all the archive I have and also to show him how I am archiving my footage, but after I did show him my Final Cut Pro and back up footage from the hard drive I found out that I done a big mistake about how to log and capture and also how to archive the footage in safe place. Moreover, after tutor sees the Final Cut Pro and check the format of the footage, which was save in wrong setting and also wasn’t archived in correct way of archiving, he advice me to watch a video call (How to log and capture tape in Final Cut Pro part 1+2 by John Burns), after watching this two video then I found out that I have done really big mistake of log and capturing and also of archiving it in wrong format which I supposed input on HD format but I logged and captured on SD. So therefore I had to remove all the files and footages I logged and captured and saved on my Final Cut Pro and hard drive. After removing all the recorded footage then with help of my tutor I corrected the setting of capturing and also I found out how to put detail before I log and capture by renaming the project before capturing to have it clip by clip in the timeline from Final Cut Pro. In addition, after speaking with Peter about the problem I was facing during capturing my footage, I found out that I was capturing all my footage in past four weeks, but it was really good opportunity for me to get more detail about how to log and capture in correct format by filling all the reel detail such as naming the project, tape number and also the project what to be called in timeline during editing. So after this problem sorted with help of Peter it gave me more experience about Final Cut Pro, also it will give me more chance of getting right work done in the future.

Overall, I think after my mistake it was good opportunity to learn more about how to use Final Cut Pro, especially when log and capturing from tape to Final Cut Pro. When filming in HD then the setting should be set up in the following

Ø  Sequence Preset: -  HDV – 1080i50
Ø  Capture Preset: - HDV
Ø  Device Control Preset: - Sony HDV 1080i50 FireWire
Ø  Video Playback: - Digital Cinema Desktop Preview – Main
Ø  Audio Playback: - Default

After the setting match to the recorded footage and all the Reel details are filled then start capturing the footage in HD.
Then after all the advice and videos I watched then I went through the process of capturing my footage in right format and it was successful and end of the day I got the result of what I was looking for.

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Also today during the time I was going through all the log and capturing process I took few screenshot photos of the work I was doing there in below.

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