Wednesday, 1 May 2013


17th April 13

Dairy SDP

In today lesson the tutorial was held for all the second year students. Firstly I was preparing for my tutorial with Peter, the tutorial was about our SDP module which we directing and producing a documentary. However, my tutorial went really went due to the work I have done in past, all have finished filming my documentary since 6th March, and since then I start editing my documentary. The only thing left to complete my finished edited project is to insert the music which I am waiting for, the music will be made by a professional musician and singer call Tara Jaff who is a Kurdish singer lives in London. In addition during the tutorial with Peter, I showed him all the paper work and practical work I have done and completed, I received good feedback from him, which made me happy.
Overall, the tutorial went great, also all the work and paper work, which I have, do for my documentary is nearly completed. 

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