Monday, 26 March 2012


In today's lesson I was editing my footage I filmed for SAM assignment's. All day I was editing the Footage I filmed in Kurdish new year party in Saturday's night. During the filming Danny Anisworth was helping me for filming the intro / outro and VOX pop's.
However I finished all editing and I recorded my Voice over as well and I added to the Edited footage, also I done lower third for all footage needed the lower third in my style but we as a group will come up with one style of lower third for all our VT's, but in case I made mine ready with the lower third till other member of the group to finish they VT's and then we will decide what kind of lower third we have to use for all VT's for the show.
Overall I think my editing skills is improved and I did good job and I made my own VT's, here I want to mention that Sam helped me for some part of choosing the VT's and cut some of them, to make the VT more interesting for audience to watch.

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