Tuesday, 27 March 2012


In today trip to BBC tour I really had good time and it was really good experience to find out more about
broadcasting, also to see how the studio are set and what kind of lighting and camera's the BBC use.
Also it was really good knowledge to find out when the TV was bailed and when it was started.
Firstly in the morning we was given advice about all the building and then we went to see the studio's and first studio we went to see was the (Blue Peter) house it was really nice to see them kind of studio that sometime make you think the studio is massive and huge but when you go inside and see it its not that big as we thought about it, The Blue Peter studio is one of them that made me to think it is a huge studio but it wasn't. Here is some photo's of the Blue Peter's studio:

                                           The Couch for Presenter and Guest

                                        The camera they use in the Blue Peter's studio
                       The below picture's is the Lighting they use in the Blue Peter's Studio

Moreover after we saw the (Blue Peter) studio we took our direction to the Match of the day studio, match of the day studio was one of my always best studio and always wished to see and go inside the studio, today my wish came true and finally I saw the studio and I loved it, but I never thought that the studio will be like that, I always thought the studio is designed the way I see it in the Television, but after today I went inside and saw it I found it totally different, the studio is being designed very beautifully and in my view its the best studio I ever see before specially the wood behind the presenter as I always thought it should be a really big massive TV screen, the background where the presenter and the guest usually sit I always thought it is some designed curtain but today I found out that its not curtain they use. Here is some photo's of the match of the day studio:

                                         Here is the wood I was talking about above
                           Also here one more that they use in the BBC match of the day studio
 I found this type of covering for the XLR wire's very very clever and best way to prevent the risk of tripping,

After we saw the match of the day's studio we went to the BBC radio 6 music studio, I always wanted to see the radio studio in real specially when its live on air and presenter with guest there but today we just saw the studio and all the equipment need to be used for the radio. Also I have some photo's of the radio 6 music studio I like to share here:

Moreover after radio 6 music studio we went and saw the Blue Peter's garden outside of the Dock house.
Here is some photo's below:

Moreover after all above studio's we went to the studio and it was the new studio for (breakfast) I found it quite interesting in the breakfast studio after Ashley & Andy & Rebecca took part of the presenting and I think it went really well. However after the presenting finished Josh & Imogen & My slef we took part of challenging sport question's and I found it very interesting and lot of fun.
Overall I am really happy that I took part of the trip to BBC and it was really good experience to be involved, I'm looking forward for more this type of trip's that will make my knowledge more about broadcasting & TV.
Also I have some nice photo's from the breakfast studio that I would like to share here:

Also today I met Peter Jones& Hilary Devey  form dragon's den and I took some photo's with Peter, here is the picture's in below:

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