Tuesday, 6 March 2012


 In the past few lessons for the News Room Operation we was separated  to groups and we filmed some VTs in previous weeks. Also we was asked for each individual to do their own ideas for news room and have to film the VT of their which will be chosen. However, last week we started our presentation along with this week some students wasn't in the class last week so they did their presentation today.
 Moreover we was separated to two different groups today for our full 30 minutes news package that we have to do for our assignment. In my group we have 11 people including my self and their are:

1- Ashley
2-Andy T
3- Danny Jack
4- Danny A
5- Erin
6- Fred
7- Jack
8- Matty
9- Mikael
10- Nyasha
11- Luis

However from today we will work as a group of above names to create the 30 minute news show.
Moreover my idea is about a Kurdish organisation in Manchester Call (Kurdistan art & culture) that I will interview the chairman of this organisation along with people who work with this organisation as there is a few different groups work inside this organisation and they are : (dancing group, Theatre group, film maker, and artist).
 Moreover that is all my idea in this prezi below which shows all the detail of my idea including content and scripts for live show if my idea will be chosen for the live show.

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