Friday, 16 March 2012


In 16/03/2012 for respect of the 24 anniversary of the Halabja we all the Kurdish from all around the United Kingdom gathered in the piccadilly garden in Manchester for remembrance day of the Halabja city, to show our respect to all the martyr which was killed in the day of 16/03/1988, the March 16 1988 knowing as a bloody Friday for Kurdish people around the world which is the day of the using chemical weapon against the people of Halabja by Iraqi regime which ba'ath party was on the power during the time. Form 80's the Iraqi government start the genocide of Kurdish people in all Kurdistan's area's the ba'ath party which Saddam Hussain was the leader of the party destroyed more then 4.500 villages in Kurdistan and arrested more then 182.000 innocent people and tortured them till they dead under torturing and also buried some of them alive as group group in single grave. In 1983 the Iraqi government start the arrest from the village of ' Barzan ' which they took 8000 men's with them and they never come back since the time. However, in the middle of 80's the regime start arresting innocent people from all over the Kurdistan and transfer them to the north and east Iraq, however the Iraqi government start removing the Kurdish people from their own land to the north and east Iraq. From 1987 more then 182.000 people were arrested and transferred to the different cities of Iraq and since that time we don't know what happened to them innocent people and still till now some of them people family's have a hope and waiting for coming back of their son's, husband, father, brother, grandson, cousin and relatives. furthermore, the Iraqi regime used chemical weapon over the innocent people in all Kurdish cities and killed thousand of peoples, animals, but on the time all the West countries & America was silent, they helped Iraqi government by given them a chemical weapon to use it against their own peoples. Moreover, in March 16 1988 the Iraqi government used the chemical weapon on their own peoples and killed 5000 innocent women, children & adult, also wounded more then 10.000 others, which still till now the people of Halabja suffering illness of the chemical weapon being used by ba'ath party during the time. Overall we as a Kurd's will never forget the Halabja and we will fight for our right and we will work really hard to recognize the Halabja as a Genocide to all of the people around the world, Halabja is the city that will never be forget and will be shown & advised to our grand grand grand grandchild about Halabja and what happened to the city of Halabja also the city of Halabja is known as a symbol of Kurdistan and Kurdish people for ever.

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