Monday, 12 March 2012

Equipment list & Timing schedule

In below is Equipment list and timing schedule for my VTs will be film in 24/03/2012.

Equipment list

1x Sony V1 camera
1x Tripod
1x Tie Mic wired + XLR wire
1x Boom Mic = XLR wire
2x Big Sony battery
Charger for battery’s

I would like to book above equipment for the date 24/03/2012 for filming my VTs for Sam assignment News Room Operation.

Day of collecting equipment’s: Friday 23/03/2012 at 3pm
Return equipment back: Monday 26/03/2012 9.30am

Timing schedule

March 24th 2012
Call time at 5pm in Piccadilly garden.
Crew briefing at 5.15pm
Catching bus number 192 directions to Stockport.
6.30pm in the location
6.30pm start set up equipment
19.00 to 19.30pm filming dancing group
19.30 to 20.00pm filming VOX pop
20.00 to 20.30pm interview the main person
20.30 to 20.40 both peace to cameras
20.40pm de-rig 

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