Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In today's lesson we was told to come up with our treatment idea and studio set design  for our live show for Drama Live Event.
Each individual student have to create they own idea about the program, that will consist of the students from Manchester College Lever Street Campus performing, the idea include structure, treatment, target audience, studio set design. However I start produced my own idea about the show and I have done quite lot of research through the Google and also the links that the tutor Peter emailed me. Moreover, all of our ideas that we produced today will be put into one idea, so we will start to do our paperwork for the live show after all ideas put into one idea. Also in the beginning of any show creating the idea and treatment will help us to generate better show and make audience more happy and interested, also we will get more information how to set studio design and what kind of graphics and equipment we will use.
Overall I am very excited about this project and I think this project will be lot of fun and lot of challenging,

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