Monday, 12 March 2012


In today's lesson the tutor was talking about how to use final cut pro and what kind of format we can use for getting good quality for footage we film. Also the tutor was talking about the (HD, HDV, SD) also about media files, master files, master clips. Moreover the tutor was given lesson about different between the (HD, HDV, SD). However it was good experience to know what is different between the (HD, HDV, SD) as I gained knowledge HD is better then HDV and SD to use because HD is true aspect to use but HDV is the half way house, and SD is 625 line. Overall today we had group meeting about our 30 minute news project, we was talking about what kind of TVs will be chosen for the live show day, also today we shared the job roles for live show. Also today was the deadline of shooting schedule and each students had to give the date and time of filming they VTs, with making equipment list and risk assessment for the booking equipment.

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