Thursday, 8 March 2012


In today's lesson we was updating our blogger and tutor was checking each students blog. After updating the blog we was given a task to do individually and the task was to start generate idea for finished programme for music show. What the show will be like, what kind of VTs it will consist, what intro and outro will look like, does the show will have presenter. Also to produce the treatment for our idea for the programme.
However after I updated my blogger and the tutor has checked it, I went to the gallery room for the tricaster test which was organised for Mr. Colin's lesson. I was told to switch on the tricaster and start my task, moreover after switching the tricater on I was told to connect the camera to the tricaster, I had a problem with connecting camera to the tricaster due to the XLR wire and tricaster screen so I changed the camera as I thought it maybe cameras fault but after changing the camera and using the second camera still I could not get the picture I needed. However after changing the camera I changed the XLR wire as well and finally I got the picture i needed.
Moreover after camera being connected to the tricaster I was asked to do lower third I done it correctly, then I was told to add VT clip I done it correctly, then I was told to do dissolve from added VT to live camera I had problem there, because the program of the dissolve was changed and I did not had any idea how to change it and dissolve from added VT to live camera. After help of Mr Colin I found out that I have to go to transition and change the format to dissolve, I found it really useful and good expereince and for next time I will be fine with it if I will be ask again to do it. However I did have problem with big TV monitor in the beginning of the test, because I was told to connect the TV monitor to the tricaster to watch the footage, However it was on the video and I could not get the picture from the monitor, after i was told by Mr colin that the input of TV monitor should be on (S video) not Video. Overall, it was a good experience to gain and I found it very useful and I am looking forward to learn more about the tricaster.


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