Monday, 28 November 2011


Today we just looked back at final cut pro and tutor showed us how to make everything right if there is any problem on the editing  time such as,
If there is something wrong on the editing then I have to go to window then click on arrange then go to standard and click on it to make it right.
Size of picture as frame size is 720 x 576 is UK TV size.
Anamorphic 16.9 is for wide screen
Audio/sound rate normally 48 KHz
Compressor:  is the shot is on DV  then DV pal is the compessod formate we have to work in.
Also I found out how to record the voice if I want to record in the computer that I will go to tools then go to voice over and start record.
Then afternoon time I phoned hospital for permission for filming if its possible and I spoke to the security over the phone and I was given the email address. As a group we will email her and explain what we will do and  what we want to do. So kassem will email the security in the hospital and we will wait for the answer.
Also I done quite few storyboard today for my idea in Peters assignment.

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