Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Live multi camera OB filming band week 2

Today we was doing live show filming band for 2nd week
Firstly in the morning we were given our roles by tutor.
We all started to set up all the equipment"s such as. Tripod, Camera, Microphone, Sound mixer, Vision mixer, Tricaster, Monitors, Talk back. Then we connected all the wires and cables to the cameras, tricaster, sound mixer,monitors. We start setting up the equipment"s at 9.30am till 11.15am and this week it took longer till we set up our equipment"s. During setting up equipments we had quite few problems.
* I had problem with my talk back and I could hear the director but I couldn't talk to him so I had to communicate with the floor manager and through floor manager.
* We had problem with lighting again as there was a new lighting already set up however we couldn't get the colour we wanted and it was a bit hard to set up the white balance till Mr. Colin and Peter sorted the problem out.
We start filming and we filmed 3 shot for the morning session.
The main team and assistants name in the morning session were:
* Director      Jack    director assistant        Danny.
For first 2 shot Jack was director then Danny became director.
* Vision mixer        Nyasha    vision mixer assistant     Rebecca .
For first 2 shot Nyasha was vision mixer then Rebecca became vision mixer.
*Sound           Nabeel   sound assistant         Imogen.
First 2 shot Nabeel was sound mixer then Imogen became sound mixer.
*Floor manager           Kassem   Floor manager assistant     Matt.
First 2 shot Kassem was floor manager the Matt became floor manager.
*Camera 1     Mikeal  i was in charge for camera and i took camera role for all 3 shot on the morning session and i didnt had any assistant around me and i managed to work on camera 1 alone.
*Camera 2     Ashley  camera assistant Abid.
First 2 shot     Ashley was camera operator then Abid became camera operator
*Camera 3     Josh was in charger in camera 3 and i didnt see any assistant around him and he was in charge for all morning session.
Knowing risk in the morning session are.
The floor managers talk back wires were all over on the floor and there was risk of falling.
There was another risk I saw when Ashley were moving his position with the tripod on the dolly there were lot of wires around and the wires was stopping him to move properly and it could be risk of falling.
What we  need to do next time when filming to prevent the problems.
We should check everything and make sure everything is set up correctly and do risk assessment before filming. In addition to make sure that all wires and cables are covered when cameras are moving.
There are some photos from the morning session that I would like to share here.

There is also the video we filmed on the morning session in below .

In the afternoon session  after break all of morning team given different roles.
I was in charge of sound mixer.
I had sound problem in the beginning of the filming were the sound wasn't  clear enough. With help of  Peter we sort the problem then we start filming without any problem.
I saw on the big monitor inside control room the camera2  middle camera were loosing the image because of broken pin from last week.
So again tutor had to deal with it and sort it out. After tutor sort the cameras problem we start filming again.
We filmed 3 shot in the afternoon session as well.

The main team and assistant name in the afternoon session were:
*Director-    Joe  director assistant        Abid.
First 2 shot Joe was director then Abid became director.
*Vision mixer-    Imogen      vision mixer assistant    Nabeel.
First 2 shot Imogen was vision mixer then Nabeel became vision mixer.
*Sound mixer-     Mikeal    sound mixer assistant   Kassem.
First 2 shot Mikeal was sound mixer then Kassem became found mixer.
*Floor manager-   Josh    floor manager assistant   Nyasha.
First 2 shot Josh was floor manager then  Nyasha became floor manager.
*Camera 1-   Dan  camera1 assistant Andy.
For all 3 shot i saw Dan on the camera1.
*Camera2-   Nyasha  camera2 assistant Danny.
First 2 shot Nyasha was cmaera operator then Danny became camera operator.
*Camera3-   Andy  i didn't see any assistant around camera3.
As i saw for all 3 shot Andy was camera operator.

Also there is some photos from afternoon session I would like to share here

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