Wednesday, 23 November 2011

studio diary

Today the tutor show us how to use (Teleprompter) in American (Auto Cue) in English.
Then we had to film. There were some guest came over from other colleges. We had 2 different group of student came over.
We start filming them and we asked them question about Student Finance, Drinking alcohol as alcohol awareness campaign is our group subject we doin.
We had to do it as a group and in my group it was only my self and Kassem over so i became vision mixer and Kassem became a director. We filmed our subject twice with both groups and we asked them question about drinking alcohol.
Also after lunch break we had meeting with tutor about group tutorial.
We did talk about how to make everything ready for live show and interviewing the guest.


  1. Good information on your progress and I'm impressed with your good use of the blog to document the sessions.