Tuesday, 22 November 2011

live multi camera OB filming band week 3

Today we were doing live show filming the band for 3rd week.
Firstly in the morning we were given our roles by tutor same as past 2 weeks.
Then we all as a group start setting up the equipment"s we need such as.

  • Tripod
  • Camera 
  • Talk back
  • Cables/Wires
  • Microphone
Today when we came in the morning so there were some equipment"s already set up.these were:
  • Tircaster
  • Vision mixer 
  • Sound mixer
  • Monitors
Then we connected all cables/wires  to the camera, tricaster. Vision mixer. Sound mixer, Monitors. We start setting up at 9.30 am and it took only half hour to set up.
This week didn't take long time to set up the equipment"s because there were some equipment"s already set up.
During setting up the equipments today I didn't face any problem same as last week. As I had problem with talk back.
We start filming the first take in the morning and the main team were in charge of first take were:

  • Director               Rebecca 
  • Vision mixer       Andy
  • Sound mixer       Abid
  • Floor manager     Nyasha 
  • Cam 1              Mikael
  • Cam 2              Danny
  • Cam 3             Kassem
Then we went for a break. After break we been given new roles. The main team on the take 2were:
  • Director              Andy
  • Vision mixer     Mikael
  • Sound mixer    Danny
  • Floor manager   Rebecca
  • Cam 1               Nyasha
  • Cam 2               Fred
  • Cam 3             Matt
Then we went for lunch break and after break we been given new roles again and the main team on the afternoon first take were:
  • Director              Luis
  • Vision mixer      Mikael
  • Sound mixer       matt
  • Floor manager    Fred 
  • Cam 1               Nabeel
  • Cam 2               Josh
  • Cam 3               Ashely 
Then again we been given new roles for take 2 on the afternoon. the main team on the afternoon 2nd shot were:
  • Director               Nyasha
  • Vision mixer       Luis
  • Sound mixer       Danny
  • Floor manager     Fred
  • Cam 1                Abid
  • Cam 2                Mikael 
  • Cam 3              Ashley
The problem we had during filming in the morning we didn't have good communication skills as a group same as last 2 weeks and also this week few student didn't attend the class and for few times we had to take same roles because of shortage student.
For next time we have to make sure that all students are attendant. Also make sure we have good communication skills to work together without any problem.
There is some photo from today I would like to share it here with the video we filmed today.

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