Monday, 14 November 2011

start filming

Today we  start filming for our news package.
Our group.
Today finally we all agreed about what kind of question we will ask students who we will interview.
We take all equipment we need such as Tripod, Camera, Tape, Headphone, Microphone. We set-up our equipments and we checked sound, White balance.We start filming and interviewed few student from Manchester college.
I was in charge of camera and I start recording the interview and I used few different angles.
I used tripod and hand shot as well for the mid shot of the interviewee I used tripod.
For the over shoulder I used hand held and took mid shot.

There were quite few problem we had during the filming. We had problem with student moving across and as a camera operator and sound holder I had problem with the noise going on during the interview. Student were opening the door and walking across and door was given quite nasty noise as they didn't let door to go close slowly and door were banging. We had to stop recording quite few times because of that problem.
For next time when we film again we should have some one behind camera to ask people to wait or take different direction if its possible and let them know that we filming.

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