Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Live multi camera OB filming band

Today we were doing a live show project.
Firstly in the morning we set up all equipments that we had to use such as

  • Cameras
  • Tripod
  • Lighting 
  • Sound mixer
  • Vision mixer
  • Tricaster
  • Stand Mic
  • Talk back
  • Cables
  • Monitors
We started to set up all equipments as a group and we all started working together and set up everything as  quick as we could and we had good communication skills with each other and we finished setting up everything in 1 hour 15 minute.
But after setting up everything we had some problem with talk backs that it wasn't working properly after help of the tutor we sorted out the problems.
After break time we were ready to record the band singing. We start recording and I had difficulty with vision mixer when director asked me to cut I was dissolving all the time and I didn't realise that till end of the recording and Mr Colin told me that I was dissolving and I should not dissolve till director ask for it.
Also I had  problem with the fade to black In the end of recording on the first time filming.
But the second time after I been given advice by Mr Colin about how to cut and how to fade to black on the end I have improved and I have done my job better then first time which I was pleased with. 
Then we went for break and after break we changed our positions with other students.
I was a camera assistant in the afternoon and I helped the camera operator with the recording. As a group we all did a good job and all of us were pleased about what we done and I can confirm that we had very good communication skills with each other.
Detail of other students with different roles were
1-Mikeal     vision mixer
2-Josh         director
3-Dan          floor manager
4-Imogen      camera
5-Erin           camera
6-Jack          camera
7-Andrew    sound mixer
8-Nabeel      gallery manager
And the rest of student were helping others as a assistant.
The second time recording afternoon main team.
1-Ashley         director 
2-Kassem       vision mixer
3-Abid            floor manager
4-Fred            sound mixer
5-Dan             camera
6-Joe              camera 
7-Luis             camera 
The rest of the other students were helping and assisting.
We had quite few problems before we start recording.
We had problem with the talk back as I mentioned above as well and also we had problem with setting white the balance and also in the afternoon recording we had problem with the middle camera as I herd from tutor that the picture pin was broken inside camera as we moved the camera with all cables on.
What we should do for our next project is to be careful and to check everything before we go to filming time. 
Moreover we have to make sure we remove the wires from cameras. Then start moving the camera where we want to put it.
Also I would like to share some photos here from today.

I also would like to share some photos here from today 

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